Save Money Hiring a Roofer With These Tips

Spring springs streams!  Saying that a few times might brighten your spirits if you have a bucket in the middle of your living room collecting  a steady stream of water.  The warmth of springtime not only thaws out the last eight inches of snow and ice that has been clinging to your roof all winter but a mass amount of torrential rainfalls as well.  What this means for many people is a very undesirable leak in their home that if not take care of quickly, can lead to considerable amounts of water damage like rot and mold. There's many reasons why roofs leak.  Usually leaks are the result of localized damage like missing shakes and singles or if you happen to have a flat roof, a cracked or blistered area is typically to blame.  The most challenging part about repairing a leak is actually determining where it begins.  This is why a roof repair of any size is best left to a licensed roofer. Self Repair? Spring also brings many trips to the emergency room by homeowners who assumed they could just climb their ladder and tackle that repair on their own.  Ladder framework and proper anchoring is essential, regardless of how great the traction is on your rubber-soled shoes.  Then, there are also power lines to be mindful of as well as protruding nails, wasp nests in gutters and loose shingles to trip and slip on. Not to mention, this is all working against you and you still need to determine where the leak is.  Just because your bucket's by your entertainment center, doesn't mean the leak isn't stemming from around the chimney on the opposite end of the room.  You could be up there spinning your wheels all day! Stressed About the Cost of a Roofer? Hiring a roofer for a repair can be intimidating, especially without a referral.  How do you know it's someone you can trust, not to mention, afford?  While you may not be able to handle the repair yourself, you certainly can prepare for the project the right way to save yourself some money!

  • Hire Locally - Quality licensed roofers are popular individuals, especially in the spring.  You want someone who knows what they're doing and who can get the job done fast and right the first time.  You should know that some roofers charge for travel time so hiring someone local from your area could definitely save you some money.  Using some type of referral service is helpful in these circumstances to match you with a professional who specializes in your needs in your area.
  • Buy Supplies - The more prepared you are for your roof repair, the faster it will go.  Speaking to your roofer ahead of time will give you an idea of supplies he may need, buying these yourself will significantly decrease your bill.  Some items you may need are shingles, ridge shingles, flashing material, asphalt roofing, cement, chalk line, tin snips, roofing nails and felt roofing.  If you have items like a level, ladder, pry bar and a heavy duty staple gun handy, it doesn't hurt to have them ready but your roofer will have these items so there's no need to purchase them.  Unused supplies can be returned or you can tuck them away somewhere safe in case the following spring brings another stream.
Hiring a roofer at the first sign of a problem is important.  If you ignore a leak or try to put it off for a few weeks, a lot of damage can be done which will end up costing you much more money.  Leaky ceilings always seems to arise between paydays so fortunately, many roofers have payment plans and even financing available for larger projects.

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