Exploring the Benefits of Recycled Rubber Roofing Products

There are many options available today for roofing your home. From traditional asphalt shingles to charming cedar shakes and clay tiles, many of the products used on your roof have been used on homes around the world for centuries. Others, such as lightweight metal roofing, were used mainly in industrial buildings for years before becoming popular in the residential market. Today there are still new products being introduced, such as the recycled rubber roofing, a product introduced within the last decade.

What Is Recycled Rubber Roofing?

There are a few different established manufacturers of this product. And although the specifications may be slightly different, this type of roofing material is most often made from recycled vehicle tires. Some companies claim that their product contains up to 95 percent recycled tires, an impressive amount in terms of environmentally friendliness.

This roofing material is made to resemble other popular styles of roofing, including cedar shakes and slate tiles. But instead of the heavy maintenance requirements of these materials, recycled rubber products are entirely maintenance free. They also have a number of other benefits that more commonly seen, traditional roofing styles cannot boast of.

Better Than Cedar Shakes?

The claim of rubber roofing tile manufacturers is that their products far exceed cedar shakes in appearance and performance. Although nothing can compare with the charm of wood, these recycled products are mold and mildew resistant and will provide a weather resistant finish that lasts a lifetime. Cedar shakes need to be replaced every 15 years or so, much like a typical shingled roof, while the rubber roofing material comes with as much as a 50-year warranty.

Rubber products serve to dampen the sound of rain and sleet, similar to cedar shakes. But they also have a fire resistance that cedar cannot match, along with a longevity that may make the higher initial price tag worthwhile.

Better Than Tile Roofing?

Tile roofing materials are popular in warm southern climates and provide an ageless beauty to a property. Recycled rubber roofing may not sound like it can do the same thing, but have a look at the product before you decide. The rubber product is formed in an attractive way and provides all of the same benefits as the durable stone does.

The difference lies mainly in the environmental impact with this comparison. Stone can often be recycled once the roofing has deteriorated, but the rubber products have an impact on the eco issues today. By using some of the harmful waste found in our landfills for a good purpose, these products are deemed by many to be a better choice than slate.

Rubber roofing materials are expensive, although when compared to stone or clay tiles it is a close race. Roughly two times the initial cost of cedar roofing, rubber shakes will last a lifetime with no maintenance costs. Cedar shakes, on the other hand, need to be replaced after less than two decades and will also require frequent staining and repairs, depending on the climate conditions.

When looking at the different roofing materials available you are likely to come across recycled rubber roofing. This product is fairly new to the market, but set to make a big mark with many benefits and advantages over more traditional forms of roofing. More durable and requiring less maintenance than cedar shakes, rubber roofing is also considered more environmentally friendly than stone or clay tile. Do your research and compare costs, but be sure to have a close look at what recycled rubber roofing can offer your family.

Posted by: diana
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