Common Roofing Problems And Their Easiest Solutions

Whenever a homeowner sees that his or her roof is leaking, or that there is some other problem with the roof of a home, the first reaction is to panic, and then to fumble through an address book for the number of a good roofer.

But sit back for a minute, and think critically about the problem. Chances are, that if your roof is experiencing these common problems, you can fix the roof yourself.

Up-Turned Corners On Asphalt Or Fiber Glass Shingles

When the edges of your asphalt or fiber glass roof shingles turn up, this can lead to all kinds of different problems for you and your roof. In order for your roof to work properly and prevent leaks or damage, the shingles must form a tight seal with each other. Usually, this is accomplished through a tar composite strip that runs down the middle of each row of shingles. When the shingles are hammered down onto the roof, the top layer of shingles adheres to the bottom layer of shingles, thus forming a water tight seal that protects from all forms of precipitation.

Unfortunately, the edges of these shingles can turn upward over time. When this happens, a roof is no longer water tight, is prone to leaks, and worse yet, wind can catch on to these upturned edges like a sail, and rip the shingles right off of the roof. But, as far as roof problems go, this is perhaps the easiest one to fix.

All you need for this repair is a tube of roofing caulk, a ladder, and perhaps a hammer if the shingles are especially tough. Simply place a patch of caulk underneath the upturned area of the shingle, and then push the upturned part down, sealing it into the new caulk. Hold it down (or set something heavy) on top of it for a while to allow a proper seal. Repeat this for all of the upturned shingles.

Bathroom Stack With A Cracked Rubber Seal

The bathroom stack is a section of pipe that runs through your roof down into the septic system, that expels sewer gas from your bathroom and from the plumbing system. From the effects of weather and time, the rubber seals that surround the pipe where it extends from the roof become cracked and this then causes leaks. But the repairs are simple.

First, inspect the bathroom pipe and the seal. If the pipe itself has any water damage you may need to replace it. If it does not have any damage, then all you need to do is replace the seal for the bathroom pipe. Remove the old seal by prying away the shingles that surround it. Be gentle. The seal itself should pop right off. Then, place the new rubber seal around the bathroom pipe, and fit it beneath the top row of shingles on your roof. Leave enough room to place a layer of roofing caulk around the rim, to give it a proper seal. Then, put back the shingles that you removed and re-caulk them as well.

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