Top Three Plumbing FAQs for Typical Situations In Your Home

Since plumbing is something you use every day for multiple purpose, it makes sense that this element of your home will need plenty of repairs. Whether you tackle them with the enthusiasm of a DIY expert or hire your local plumber to do the job, there are many common questions and decisions that homeowners need to make about their plumbing. Have a quick look at these top three plumbing FAQs to get a better idea of what you are up against when problems arise.

Are Plastic Pipes Better or Worse Than Copper?

When you are redesigning your plumbing system, renovating your home or putting on an addition the decision over whether to install copper or PVC pipes is bound to come up. Beware that you may flinch at the cost of copper plumbing. With a higher price tag many people wonder whether copper really is worth more than its plastic counterpart. But most plumbers will tell you that copper is far superior to plastic in almost any case.

If you have water with a high pH that situation could be different, but most often copper provides a more durable design. It can be fitted, soldered and tested right away, saving time and money. Plastic needs to be glued at the fittings and will often leak if not done exactly right. Plastic to copper fittings are suspect and pesky animals such as mice like to chew on plastic, a recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

Investing in copper is a smart choice for the vast majority of situations, although plastic has its place for repairs and in short, straight runs.

Do You Need a Plumber For a Faucet Repair?

Many times a faulty faucet can be fixed with very little cost and time attached. If the faucet is sticky or the flow has been dramatically reduced, look for a faucet repair kit in your brand (and servicing your model) at the local building supply store. Fixing it up should take you only a short time and the cost of the kit is relatively low.

If however, your faucet is perpetually leaking or spraying it could make sense to bring in a plumber. Installing a new faucet is fairly straightforward, but changing out the plumbing can get tricky if that is necessary during the repair.

How Do You Size Out a Plumbing System?

This will vary from state to state and is best left to the professionals if at all possible. There will be specifications about the number of fixtures allowed in each house and the size of pipes required for each line. Plumbing design is a complicated art that requires may different calculations and must follow all of the applicable building codes. Although there are general rules to be found in DIY books, the overall plumbing for a renovation, addition or new build should be completed by a trained professional in order to provide a safe and efficient system for the household.

The plumbing in your home should be designed and installed well, but problems are still bound to occur. Whether you are handling a plumbing repair such as a faulty faucet or tackling a sizing issue with a newly renovated room, plumbing work comes with a lot of questions. Trust the expertise of a pro to tell you whether copper or plastic pipes are better. And lean on the knowledge and skill of plumbers to get the job done when a quick DIY fix just won't do.

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