Plumbing Installation and Repair, Plus New Energy Efficient Innovations

Plumbing is something that nearly every contemporary structure has. Modern plumbing systems bring fresh water to the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas of the home or business. And drain away used water to sewer or septic systems.

Once a plumbing system is installed in a home or business, the only service or plumbing repair usually required on an on-going basis is clearing plugged drains. Or else fixing a minor faucet leak, such as a worn out washer on a plumbing fixture.

Some Plumbing Repairs are DIY Feasible; Others Require a Licensed Plumber

Designing and installing a plumbing system during new construction or for a home improvement plumbing project is best done by a licensed plumber. Applicable local building codes, usually based on the uniform plumbing code, require that all plumbing pipes and systems be installed by a licensed plumber, and comply with code specifications.

However, some aspects of home plumbing repair can easily and effectively be undertaken as a DIY project. Replacing faucets, faucet repairs, and adjusting kitchen sink plumbing, for instance, are all viable DIY plumbing tasks that require a low level of skill and expertise.

Modern kitchen faucets and bathroom faucets easily disconnect by hand, often without the need of tools. Most units include shut-off valves right on hot and cold supply lines, allowing quick and easy removal and installation.

In addition, most kitchen and under sink bathroom plumbing includes compression ring slip joints with large tightening nuts right on the drain pipe system. These can be assembled and tightened by hand - without the use of a wrench. Most plumbing supply or plumbing store clerks are knowledgeable about simple repairs and common parts needed to remedy a problem, and can “walk” homeowners through most routine repairs.

Repairing or replacing a toilet tank fill kit is also a simple plumbing job, one easily completed by homeowners. However, more complicated toilet plumbing issues such as adding a new toilet in the home or leaky toilet repair usually require the skills of a licensed plumber.

Homeowners with a higher level of skill and determination might be able to fix a leaky toilet with seepage around the wax floor seal; novice homeowners, however, will want to have a plumbing contractor resolve the problem for them.

Energy Efficient Innovations in Plumbing

With current emphasis on energy conservation and desirability of energy efficient homes, many homeowners are switching to tankless hot water heater systems.

One advantage of a tankless water heater is that it takes up less space than traditional tank heaters. It also heats water only when required. This eliminates the need to keep the tank always heated and continuously on standby.

Some tankless systems feature separate units for each fixture, instead of one centralized unit. This eliminates abrupt water temperature fluctuations when another fixture is used simultaneously.

Tankless water heaters offer other advantages over traditional types of water heaters. Including:

  • A constant supply of hot water; you never have that “cold water surprise” in the middle of a bath or shower when a traditional water heater runs out of hot water.
  • Since water is heated only on demand, the need of a constantly heated tank is eliminated. This translates into overall energy savings of 20% to 50%. Less water is used, less fuel consumed, and no energy wasted by keeping a tank in standby mode; making it a more environmentally friendly choice.
  • Much less space is required for a tankless unit.
  • Tank water heaters eventually wear out and need replacement, due to mineral build up or leaks that develop in the tank. Tankless water heaters seldom require replacement, and usually come with a lifetime warranty. They are more maintenance-free and almost never leak or seep.
  • Water sitting in a regular water heater tank in stand by mode can allow certain types of bacteria to grow inside the tank. Tankless systems have no place for bacteria to grow. They therefore provide cleaner, healthier water.

Another Type Innovative Plumbing Option

Dual flush toilets are another energy efficient plumbing option than can actually save water usage by up to 67%. A dual flush toilet features two flush modes. One with a higher water flush volume for solids; another smaller flush volume for liquid wastes.

The only drawback with a dual flush toilet is that it is much more difficult to hook up than a standard toilet. The installation process is too complicated for most DIY homeowners, and should be undertaken only by a professional plumbing contractor to insure proper installation and operation.

Locate a Reliable Plumbing Contractor

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