Top Three Design Tips for New Driveways

You often don't have a choice whether your driveway is short or long. It's usually based on the location of your home in relation to the street. But there are ways to improve the layout and design in an effort to come up with better driveways for your home.

Ideal for any yard and helpful no matter how many vehicles you have in your household, these driveway designs are attractive, helpful and safe.

Design Tip 1 - Rounded For Better Flow

Curves create smoother motion and this principle is true in a driveway. You can create a curved or rounded driveway with only minimal space, although admittedly, this design is better suited to a long drive with plenty of property.

You'll enjoy a curved driveway for a variety of reasons. This style of driveway always looks better. It's more inviting to your guests and attractive to those passing by. It's also easy to get in and out of, which could be a big deal if you have young drivers or large vehicles that may be difficult to maneuver.

Design Tip 2 - T Is For Apron?

If you don't like the idea of a round or circular driveway, consider the value of a T-section. Branching off from the main stretch of the driveway, a “T” serves as a turnaround spot that can be backed into before pulling out again driving forward. In landscaping terms this section is called an apron.

Since the T-section or apron can be used for things other than turning around - as a trailer or equipment parking spot for instance - there is multiple reasons to design this style of driveway. It will need to be at least a car length off the main drive in order to allow a car or other vehicle to park all of the way into the space and should be designed with an radius of 10 to 15 feet.

Some designs have the apron right up against the house, creating more of a “J” shape, while others place it halfway down the drive. Whatever will work for your home is best and either side of the driveway works just as well. Most prefer to have the T-section on the opposite of the drive as the house, but unless you will be parking a massive trailer there all year long (and in that case you need to find a better parking spot), the extra section will not bother you.

Design 3 - Courtyard Spectacular

Bringing to mind the ancient villas of Rome, courtyard driveways are making a comeback on this side of the Atlantic. Bold and almost presumptuous, this style of driveway requires a lot of space initially, but it also creates an incredible and impressive look.

A courtyard is essentially a central area in the driveway that is paved but set aside for a patio, garden or even a fountain. The driveway goes around this area on either side before meeting up again at the garage. You need to have the width to make this design make sense, but you also need some depth or else the courtyard area ends up too close to the road. Opt for a driveway made of paving stones of cobble stones to complete the old world look.

Driveways are an important part of your front landscape and having an impressive design will do wonders for your home. Popular and handy designs include a circular or rounded driveway for sweeping beauty, an apron or T-section in the drive for easy turnarounds and a picturesque courtyard design. Chose the style that suits you or opt for an entirely different customized design. Just make sure it is well laid out and presents the best face for your home.

Posted by: diana
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