Top Three Considerations When Installing Your New Driveway

Driveways add beauty to your front yard, but they also serve an important purpose. When installing a new driveway on your property there are three vital things to consider that can't be missed. Keep them in mind and you'll be sure to design and build a driveway that is attractive, durable and adds value to your home.

How Many Vehicles Do You Need Space For?

Think about the vehicles you currently have. Then consider what the needs of your family will be over the next five to ten years. Will there be more or less vehicles in the driveway? What size and type of vehicles will be there? This basic information will allow you to sketch out a minimal size and shape. Be sure that your double car driveway has at least a twenty foot width and add more with larger vehicles.

Also take the time to consider whether any special circumstances exist or will come into play. Drivers and passengers with physical disabilities will need level, wide surfaces and you should include plenty of space for all of the necessary gear when there's a baby in the house.

Driveway length depends on the layout of your property more than anything. Just be sure that vehicles are not hanging over the sidewalk. If possible, designing for a longer driveway will give you more options for shape and direction. Corner lots have a choice of entrance that may give them more flexibility.

How Can Different Shapes Increase Safety?

In high traffic areas pulling out of your driveway can be dangerous. By shaping your driveway the right way you can add safety and create better function. Try a T-shaped area for turning around or a circular driveway for quick pulling in and out. Avoiding the need to reverse will potentially avoid parking issues on your own driveway and create a safer, more functional area.

Driveways with curves, turns and added lanes can also be easier for snow removal. Plows and blowers can access a curved drive easier and extended portions provide an area to store the snow or form banks that are out of the way. Also, shaped driveways offer different places for gardens or landscaping features.

What Is the Optimum Material For a Driveway?

The answer may be different for every home, but there is likely a certain driveway material that is best suited for you. Think about your tastes, the exterior design of your home and the budget. Those should give you a rough idea of the optimum material.

For an affordable driveway that is installed fast paved asphalt is still the most popular. It has mid-range durability and a basic look, but when you're changing the layout of the driveway for the first time, asphalt is a good choice to try.

Homes with intricate landscaping would suit an interlocking brick driveway or one built from paving stones. They are more expensive but definitely lend a finished, customized look to your home. Other choices include poured concrete, which can be brushed, stamped or colored for a unique look. Picture how each type will look in your yard and decide whether the material suits the style of your home. Concrete is durable in most climates, while interlock works well where frost is not a major issue. Larger paving stones can also form a driveway surface with a decent base and professional installation.

Install the optimum driveway by considering the amount of space you need based on the vehicles that will be parking there. You'll also need to decide whether a different shape will add necessary function and which material will fit your budget and lifestyle. With these three factors in mind your newly installed driveway will be exactly what you need.

Posted by: diana
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