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One of the best things about building your own home, rather than purchasing a home that's already been built, is that you can choose the best home style for your family. When it comes to residential architecture, the sky really is the limit--many homeowners choose more than one style and combine them to create a dream home. Learning about the types of homes available, however, can help you decide which type (or types) best fits your aesthetics and your functionality needs. Here are some of the most popular in the United States:

Bungalow: Bungalows are single-story homes, which are usually on the smaller side, which makes them great for older individuals and those with mobility issues. Some bungalows are slightly larger, said to have "one and a half" stories, with a first floor and a loft space or a limited upper floor that is built into the slope of the roof. Per square foot, bungalows typically cost more to build than larger home, but they allow you to have a bigger outdoor space on your lot.

Ranch: Another type of single-story home is the ranch. Ranch homes are built low to the ground and have a minimalist, utilitarian style. Many ranch homes have an open floor plan inside and an attached garage. Unlike bungalows, they can be quite large and usually have a basement. Ranch homes can also be "raised, which usually means that they're built into a hill, with a garage underneath the main level.

Split-Level: With a split-level home, the home is split in two, with on have being about half of a story higher than the other. A small set of stairs separates the two levels, and usually the bedrooms are on one side of the house and the living/dining areas are on the other. Split-levels are great for people who enjoy privacy and want a large home, but they aren't the best choice for people who have trouble with stairs.

A-Frame: An A-frame home is so named because it's sloping roof makes the home appear to be in a letter A shape. The steep roof gives any home a more modern look, both inside and outside, and it is great for areas that get a lot of snow, as the snow will slide off the roof easily. With an A-frame house, though, you'll have some lost space along the walls, but it does lend itself well to a loft.

Victorian: There are multiple styles of Victorian homes in the United States. Typically, Victorian homes are two or three stories tall. These homes have a more classic look and are usually larger, so they're great for big families if you want to build up instead of out.

Craftsman: Homes built in the craftsman style may look very different on the outside, but they do have some common features. The major emphasis with these homes is the craftsmanship, and most have hand-crafts woodwork, stonework, or metal-work. There's also an emphasis on the beauty of the building materials with these types of homes, and many have gabled or hipped roofs with overhanging eaves and a front porch.

Cape Cod: Like bungalows, Cape Cod homes are typically smaller, usually one story or a story and a half tall. They're found predominantly in the Northeastern Unite States, have perfectly pitched roofs, and feature a center chimney. This traditional home style faces harsh weather well, which is why so many colonists built this kind of home in the New England area.

Tudor: Tudor homes are based on the architecture popularly used in England during the 1500s. They commonly have highly pitched roofs, tall windows, high chimneys, pillered porches, large wooden staircases, traditional dining and reception rooms, and wood, stone, or brick detailing.

Creole CottageMost common in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, these home have a full front porch and a high gabled roof. Most also have a raised basement level, which is great for swampy areas prone to flooding. They can be large or small, depending on your family's needs, but typically have at least one set of stairs to get onto the front porch, which can be troublesome for some people.

These aren't by far the only choices you have when it comes to your home's style. When building your home, you can pull features from many of these styles instead of choosing just one--many people do. Modern homes are typically a reflection of the best features of many different styles of homes. The great thing about building your own home is that you can work with an architect to create a house the perfectly fits your family's needs. Most builders have a number of set blueprints that they use as a starting point, and from there you can customize your house as much as your budget allows. Your new home should be a reflection of your family in terms of personal style, as well as functionality needs.

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