Log Home Construction in America; Rich in History, Folklore, and Modern Appeal

The Log Cabin Home and American History Log home construction using nothing but the most basic in hand tools is a time honored folk art. An aspect of American life first undertaken by Swedish immigrants during the 1640s, in what is today Pennsylvania.

One cannot think of early American history apart from being reminded of such key figures as Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, or Abe Lincoln; each with the image of a log cabin or log home close at hand.

Early Techniques Saved for Posterity

The original log cabin home started with a foundation; often nothing more than rocks that support a hand-hewn sill plate. On occasion, a 36-inch high foundation was fabricated with mortar; for the purpose to help ward off damaging insects.

Logs were lifted into place without machinery, using basic levers, booms, and a handful of neighbors working in unity. Hand-carved pegs were driven into hand-drilled holes as fasteners; shingles were hand-split from cedar logs.

The American heritage of log cabin building as a basic homestead home structure began to fade during the early 19th century across much of the United States. By the 1970s, the few remaining hill folk who still possessed the skill and knowledge of how to build a traditional log cabin were passing from existence.

Fortunately, several publications sought out and recorded the sage wisdom of these old time log home builders before it was lost; replaced by more modern techniques. Factory milled logs, cordless electric hand tools, chain saws; and advanced machinery for moving, lifting, and fitting the logs in place.

Today's Log Home

Log homes remain a popular housing choice; they range from elaborate luxury log home plans in pristine mountain developments, to a simple DIY log home kit as a starter home.

While many homeowners seek the services of log home builders to implement their log home design, DIY log home construction is an option that scores of Americans undertake in increasing numbers.

Some attend seminars that teach the art of building a hand- crafted log home from scratch; using logs cut near the home site. Others purchase an economy DIY log home kit that includes basic materials and a detailed log home plan. Many times kits include instructional videos on how to build a log cabin.

Many log home builders who learn the craft will sell their first project. It is not uncommon for a basic finished home to bring log cabin prices of $160,000 or more - depending upon design and location. Since a basic log home can normally be completed in a summer, many people make a comfortable living building one or more log homes to sell each year.

The Log Cabin Kit

Pre-manufactured log home kits range in price from $20 to $30 per square foot of floor space. Most kits, however, do not include all the necessary components. Foundations, concrete floor slabs, standard building materials (such as plywood or dimensional lumber like 2X4s and 2x6s), and roofing materials (like metal or shingles) are not included.

Components such as doors, windows, plumbing, light fixtures and wiring, plumbing pipes, and HVAC systems are also excluded. The crowning touch to any log home - stone fireplace construction implementing a stone chimney or other masonry work - is another add-on expense.

Some log home builders offer kits; either as a materials package or to be constructed for the buyer. For a premium price, craftsmen will not only assemble the kit and build stone masonry, but log furniture and other special features. Including custom stair cases and hand rails, vaulted ceilings, and decks.

Many firms offering a DIY small log cabin kit or the construction of an elaborate luxury log home plan use multiple resources to help the buyer obtain a log home construction loan. An effective incentive for the buyer to contract with them.

Finding the Perfect Log Home Builder

Whether you just purchased a Michigan log cabin kit and need a contractor to pour a foundation, or are looking for a log home builder to undertake a customized Wyoming log cabin home project, the place to start is

Homeowners can post their Montana log cabin, Colorado mountain cabin, or any other type American log cabin home project online for free. And then receive competitive bids from experienced, reliable area contractors. Simply sign up online today, with no obligation. Start receiving bids in days, even hours after posting.

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