New Lawn Care - Testing, Adjusting, Tilthing and Planting

Lawn care is something most people have hands-on experience with at one time or another. Whether a specialized lawn care and landscaping professional, or a novice grounds keeper. From simply watering, mowing, and occasional feeding, to planning, preparing, and planting grass seed for a new lawn. Lawn care is a necessity for nearly homeowner

Proper Lawn Care Begins with Soil Testing

The most important thing to remember when starting a new lawn is the lawn will only be as good as the preparation work done before planting.

Consideration and adjustments must be made for the following:

Soil type

Planned use of the lawn

Type of lawn grass best suited to your growing zone

Whether your lawn needs sun grass or shade grass, or a combination of both

A local nursery or county USDA extension office can help with these determinations. For instance, they can do tests and provide information on what fertilizer mixture ratio is best suited for your type soil. What ph adjustments or fillers such as peat moss or sawdust are necessary, and what type of lawn grass would be best

It is best to properly prepare the soil before planting a new lawn, than to try and make corrections once there is already an existing one. Soil should be thoroughly tilled to a depth of 8 to 10-inches; add any necessary fillers or ph adjusting agents to perfect the soil

Adjusting Ph, Nutrients, and Tilth

For optimum growing conditions, soil ph should range from slightly acid to slightly alkaline, at 6.0 to 7.5; 7.0 is neutral. For soil that tests outside this range, if below 6.0 add limestone. If it is above 7.5, add sulfur. Limestone should be added at the rate of 10 to 20 pounds per 100 sq. ft. of lawn for each ph point below 6.0. If ph is above 8.0, add 4 pounds of sulfur for every 100 sq. ft. of lawn. Thoroughly till additives into the soil.

If phosphorus is required, super-phosphorus should be added to only the top few inches of soil; roughly 5 pounds for every 100 sq. ft. Mix in with a cultivator. If a sprinkler system will be installed, complete the installation before final grade leveling. Finish the final grade leveling; be careful not to leave any humps or low spots. Make sure water will drain away from structures.

The entire lawn area should be rolled with a weighted lawn roller to firm the soil; lightly water to settle the soil.

Select the Right Type of Grass

You are now ready to plant grass seed. Use the type of grass that will best suit your needs. Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrasses, and fescues should be planted spring or early fall. Bluegrass or ryegrasses do not fair well in hot sun; Bermuda grass can be planted mid-summer and will withstand hot sunny areas. Fescues prefer full sun to part shade.

Using Professional Lawn Care Services

If lawn care upkeep seems too much of an undertaking, professional lawn care services or landscaping services can provide everything necessary for a perfect lawn. A service professional can develop a lawn care schedule for winter lawn care tasks, as well as spring lawn care treatments. Such as applying pre-emergence products to inhibit problem weeds before they start.

Lawn and landscaping services apply lawn care fertilizer that is sprayed in liquid form. Immediately absorbed by the lawn, and yielding results seen almost overnight. Many lawn care services will also install sod; an “instant lawn” option available to homeowners.

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