How To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home In Five Easy Steps

Whether you intend to sell your house or not in the near future, one of the best ways to ensure that it remains as valuable as possible, and to help your neighbors maintain the value of their own homes, is to maintain the optimal curb appeal of your house. This requires mostly maintenance work and daily upkeep of given tasks, but here is a run down of what will help you keep the curb appeal of your home at its peak level.

Good Landscaping

Obviously, the first thing to consider is how the landscaping looks to anyone driving up to your home. Making sure that your front and side landscaping is neat, trimmed and free of weeds is essential to maintaining a clean and beneficial visage of your home. Remember, most of the landscaping tasks can be accomplished by a couple of hours of labor once or twice a month. Maybe more will be required in the summer months, but that depends upon where you live.

A Driveway That Is Free Of Cracks And Degradation

A good, clean and even driveway is essential to presenting a clean and well put together image of your home. If a driveway is cracked, weathered and beaten, this is a sign to prospective buyers that the rest of the house may be as well. A good driveway does not stick out, but a broken, damaged one does. You do not want a potential buyer to notice the driveway. If you need to repair a driveway, the fix is relatively simple. It requires little more than a jackhammer, some concrete and an afternoon of your time.

A Prominent And Damage-Free Mailbox

Also, for whatever reason, a prominent mailbox that can be easily seen from the curb, and that is in good repair, is a huge net positive for potential buyers, even though most do not consciously realize that this is so. Make sure that you have a clearly visible mailbox that is not dented, worn or beat up.

Clear And Present Address Numbers

Also, make sure that the address numbers for your house look good, clear and can be easily read from the street. This is one of those five minute fixes that can pay big dividends for you down the road, so if you need new numbers, head on down to the hardware store and purchase some new ones.

No Clutter In The Front Yard

This may sound obvious, but you would be amazed at how many homeowners overlook this simple fact. Keep your front and side yards clear of clutter. Whether its children's toys, tools, garbage cans or anything else, keep your front yard looking as clean and clear as possible. Evenly neatly arranged clutter is a negative thing.

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