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Like other trades landscape contractors rely on a design to follow when transforming a property. This can be done for a new home, giving an older property a face-lift or putting in a formidable, landscaping display for a Fortune 500 company.

Many homeowners have their own ideas about how they want their property to be displayed and landscapers welcome this input. With the advent of computers this job is made even easier with a 3D landscape design. This is because, unlike a renovations plan, a landscaping idea can be transformed into a sheet of color and design. Of course for professional plans you would have to pay a landscape design fee.

Landscape Design

Whenever a person puts a landscape idea down on paper he or she is creating a landscape. Whether it's drawing a square and coloring it in green for grass or creating a multi-colored wonderland with a fountain that person is conveying thoughts that can be translated by a landscape service. And this does not have to take up the whole property. Many striking gardens are created in an area no bigger than 10 feet by 10 feet. Therefore the key in creating something wonderful out of a bland space is imagination. Even lawn landscaping designs can be created.

Tips for Landscape Design Ideas

Landscaping can be easy if you can follow a set of guidelines. But since landscaping is much more of a free-hand renovation than remodeling a home you can take liberties with any rules or pointers. And most companies carry the right landscaping supplies to help you.

  1. Continuing Color: Most northern states get four seasons which means that the only color they will get in winter is green from the evergreen trees and white from the snow. There for it is important to get color into the property as soon as possible in the spring and make it last until the snowfall. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips begin the parade followed by cherry blossoms, hostas, tiger lilies and a host of annuals that will keep the color coming for months. In more southerly areas they rely on flowering trees and other perennials with annuals sharing the scene.
  2. Diversity: No one likes too much of the same thing and this works for landscaping as well. You may like roses but too many of will provide a huge blossoming at one time of the year and then very little room for anything else to flourish. Having many types of plants and flowers will attract different species of birds and helpful insects that will be of service to the health of the garden. Any diseases that come in will not cause a blight on an entire garden as the one species is limited and, as well, there could be plants like garlic or rosemary which fend off harmful insects.
  3. Use What You Have: Nature created your lot long before you came around. So if you are building take note of the local trees, shrubs and plants and try to save them from the excavator. Many local plants have a natural immunity to the diseases and pests that could wipe out other species. In addition domestic plant life is used to the weather patterns of the area and can withstand moisture variations and cold or hot temperature.
  4. Borders: An asphalt driveway, a concrete patio, sidewalks and fences are hard to mow and even in the best lawn conditions look bland. Cut a 16” swath along these paths and plant short shrubs. Along with a bed of mulch these borders will not only make a great entrance to your home but mowing the lawn will be so much easier.
  5. Maintenance: Many people do not like gardening. They either don't have the time or just don't like the work. For these people there are low maintenance options like shrubs and hardscape. Using the precast-concrete block retaining walls the yard can be terraced and colored pavers and other hard materials can take the place of lawn and large garden areas.
  6. Vegetable Gardens: Many homeowners are beginning to understand that the price of the food on their table is tied to the price of the fuel it takes to get it to the stores. As fuel prices rise the price of vegetables follows. They are looking toward supplementing their food budget with fresh produce from their own gardens.
  7. Vegetables, berry bushes and fruit trees also add color to the yard. The blossoms in spring are followed by the red tomatoes, yellow squash and green peppers. As well, any extra produce can be canned or dried for use months down the road.

  8. Landscape Features: One of the best ways to get a feature in the backyard is an arbor. Many species of climbing plants take quickly to the arched structure and it adds a transition point between the front and back yard. However, there are many other features like fountains, small ponds and medallions that will accentuate the garden without breaking the bank.
  9. Create Outdoor Living: What's the use of having a great property if you can't use it? Patios and decks are relatively cheap to build and they provide a clean, dry space for entertaining or just enjoying a summer night yourself.

To transform your designs into reality contact our contractor Directory for a landscaping contractor. In addition you can get estimates from qualified landscapers by posting your project on the site.

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