Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Kitchen Renovations

Your home improvement dreams may turn to the yard when summer hits. It is the ideal time to tackle landscaping, build a new deck, pave the driveway or paint the siding. But summer is also the perfect time for kitchen renovations. Not only will the weather cooperate and deliver prime conditions for the type of renovation projects you will be doing, but you can also move the culinary activities outside while the work is going on. If you are waiting for the right time, don't hesitate. That time has come.

Weather Matters

Many of the jobs that are involved in kitchen renovations are done best in the fresh air. The strong smells of varnish and mineral spirits that are required when refinishing your cabinets can be overpowering and potentially harmful. If the room can be tarped off and the windows opened to allow for airflow your whole family will appreciate it. Even the sanding part of cabinet refinishing is more comfortable and effective with fresh air.

It's possible to have the windows open in the cooler weather, but you will pay for that with higher heating bills. You may even need to warm the space to allow paint, stain or other products to dry properly. Installing a ceramic backsplash over the kitchen counter or giving the walls a fresh coat or two of paint and primer? A breeze will help with dry time and the aroma of fumes.

Warm and dry weather also allows for easier kitchen extensions. Bumping out the wall even a few feet can create a much larger kitchen. Consider adding a sunroom off of the dining area or creating a breakfast nook with a large octagonal extension. These projects are best undertaken when they will not require enormous heaters and contractors who are outfitted for freezing temperatures. Knocking out a wall means that the interior of your home will be exposed to the elements and exterior temperatures. Again, this type of project is possible during the colder seasons, but that schedule may result in work of a lower quality due to rushed schedules and inhospitable temperatures.

Sunshine Allows For Brighter Ideas

The warm seasons offer extended sunshine, providing incredible views and brightness for a longer period of time each day. This is true in your kitchen as well as outdoors. When you plan for a summer kitchen renovation you may be more tempted to include a larger window or a patio door - both projects that will allow for more natural light in your home.

If you decide to install larger windows or add windows to the room in some way, be sure you are choosing the most energy efficient designs on the market. Composite window frames are highly popular and provide the warmth and charm of wood on the interior with the durability and low maintenance finish of vinyl on the exterior. Vinyl windows are another good and affordable option that is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Beyond the window frame, the glazing and features you choose are just as important. Look for kitchen windows that include double or triple glazing. Low E coatings are another excellent choice, as this will cut down on the UV rays that pass through the windowpanes causing fading and deterioration in the cabinetry and countertop. Ask about whether the windows you prefer have argon gas between the panes to provide even higher levels of energy efficiency. You may even find that with the latest window designs your newly designed kitchen will be brighter, yet cost less to heat.

Moving the Kitchen Outside

Even the smallest patio can be set up as an impromptu kitchen during your renovations. In the summer months you can rely on the BBQ to cook up many of your menu standbys - anything from grilled meats and vegetables to pizzas, roasted poultry and baked casseroles. Desserts can be prepared on the BBQ and leftovers can even be reheated with the proper set up. With a large supply of propane or a plumbed in supply of natural gas, your grill is dependable and will serve you well throughout the period of kitchen renovations.

If the weather takes a turn for the worse, consider setting up the microwave, as well as a hot plate and electric kettle in the garage. Anywhere that you can safely prepare quick and easy meals is a possible location for this type of fast food kitchen. Doing dishes is another matter entirely and may need to be relocated to the utility sink. It will be difficult to plumb the dishwasher into another location, so try and plan the renovations so that this appliance (as well as the fridge) is accessible for the majority of the time.

Summer Allows You to Do It All

Very often people do major renovations in stages. Perhaps they will tackle the counters and cabinets one season, while handling the fixtures and appliances the next. Often the flooring is an afterthought and anything like knocking down walls or installing new windows is fit in wherever it suits.

Although this may be better for your budget, when you schedule a kitchen renovation in the summertime there is nothing to hold you back from a complete overhaul. The weather should cooperate for the most part and with a BBQ and your microwave set up in another part (or parts) of the house you can still prepare healthy meals for the family. Knocking out walls and replacing windows and doors are all done effectively and quickly in the warm months with less intrusion and inconvenience.

Homebuilders kick it into high gear during the summer months, allowing the warm weather and prime working conditions to transform their long work days into completed projects. Homeowners can follow suit by planning for and executing their kitchen remodeling dreams during the summer. The project should move faster with fewer instances of weather delays and other uncontrollable set backs in the schedule.

Summer is indeed the perfect time for kitchen renovations, with weather that allows for efficient progress and healthier, more affordable working conditions. You can also conveniently move your kitchen outdoors during the summer and rely on the BBQ to handle the cooking. With proper planning and a reputable contractor your kitchen remodeling dreams are all set to come true this summer. Get started today.

Posted by: diana
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