Top Ten Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

Backsplashes provide a touch of color in your kitchen renovation, and help create an attractive, low maintenance surface. Whether your backsplash addition is part of a complete kitchen renovation or simply a weekend home improvement project, there are several options to choose from that help to create an amazing space in your kitchen.

Subway Tile Backsplash

Popular additions to contemporary kitchens, subway tiles are horizontal rectangles or bricks generally installed in a monochromatic color scheme (just like a typical subway). It's a clean, modern look that works best in modern kitchens.

White remains the most sought after tone, although other neutral hues work as well. Some homeowners opt for a bold look, installing bright colors like red or blue. Use white or light colored grout and experiment with accents such as a horizontal stripes or geometric patterns.

Plain Ceramic Tiles With an Inlaid Accent

Smaller kitchens look good in plain ceramic tile backsplashes with a splash of color and pattern. Mounted over the oven or sink, an inlaid accent that flows with the kitchen theme provides visual interest and dresses up the otherwise plain backsplash.

This is also an affordable option, with ceramic tiles readily available across the country. For something truly bold, opt for a mural look that stretches across the wall. Or use accent tiles as a border. Ceramic accent tiles may be formed thicker or oddly shaped, but can usually be paired with standard tiles for a beautiful look.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles provide an upscale feel in your kitchen renovation, with a truly stunning look that comes with a substantial price tag. Ask your contractor about recycled glass tiles, but be sure these pieces have been well prepped and matched for an even surface and durable installation.

Combine pricey glass tiles with cheaper ceramic tiles for a unique mix-and-match pattern. Using glass tiles to accent certain walls or areas in your kitchen also works. These tiles work in the bathroom and come in a wide range of colors. Some have an internal texture caused by the manufacturing process, while others are clear.

Extending the Countertop

Often used in modern bathrooms, this style calls for using the same material on both the countertop and backsplash. Whether you've opted for laminate or granite, marble or butcher block, nearly any countertop material can be installed at 90 degrees and mounted to the wall.

Seal the gap to prevent water damage and trim the top of the backsplash for a finished look. Be sure that the patterning and color of your countertop will not overpower the balance of your room, and opt for top quality materials for longevity.

Metal Tiling

Popular in loft apartments and high end kitchen remodeling projects, metal tiles come in a range of styles. Look for some to be punched with textured patterns; others are made smooth and shiny, and still others have a distressed look.

Mosaic metal tiles create an intriguing pallet of colors and the tin tile look is reminiscent of French country kitchen ceilings. Play with this type of backsplash to create an unmatched look for your new kitchen.

Stainless Steel Sheets

Often used in industrial kitchens, stainless steel sheets create a sanitary setting that screams modern style. This backsplash goes well in smaller kitchens or when used in moderation, mainly because the texture evokes a commercialized look.

Stainless steel does display fingerprints and splashes, but wipes down easily. It also holds up well against heat, oil and other common kitchen elements. Mount the sheets with clips or adhesive, but try to avoid piercing the material during installation.

Backpainted Glass Panels

For a sleek and colorful finish, mount backpainted glass panels behind your countertop. Perfect for smaller kitchens, this idea allows you to add a block of color to soften modern cabinets and countertops. It also makes this room fun and fresh, providing an easy wipe surface that's durable and heat resistant.

Professional installation is required, and make sure to double check measurements before placing an order. This type of glass cannot usually be resold or returned.

Paint and Tile Combo

Save money on your kitchen backsplash by combining your favorite paint and tile colors. Using patterns and natural breaks in the area, this style of backsplash allows you to protect the work area without covering the entire space.

Use special painting techniques to create patterns that echo or complement the tiling. And play with colors to make this style work.

Natural Stone Tiles or Panels

Natural stone blends well with genuine wood cabinetry, completing a cozy, casual kitchen or finishing an upscale, modern space. Marble, slate and granite are the two most popular choices, and this type of backsplash must be sealed for durability.

Combine this backsplash with natural stone countertops or install alongside stainless steel or butcher block countertops. Even stark white kitchens look fabulous with natural stone tile backsplashes.

Mosaic Tiles

Small, square tiles arranged in a pleasing pattern remain a popular choice for kitchens. Monochromatic patterns (combining the same color in a variety of tones) add visual interest in white kitchens, while artistic patterns depicting food or landscapes fit right into a themed kitchen reno.

Mosaics allow renovators to get personal, including homemade designs and depictions that mean something to the family. Consider a mosaic backsplash your canvas and decorate as you wish.

Choose any one of these top ten backsplash ideas and complete your kitchen renovation with style. Backsplashes add color, improve the longevity and decrease maintenance in your kitchen. Relatively inexpensive, a kitchen backsplash projects adds immense value to your home and living space.

Posted by: diana
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