How to replace a Drop-In Kitchen Sink

There is no quicker way to upgrade a kitchen than to add a new sink. The drop-in kitchen sink or surface-mounted sink is much easier to install than the old style undermount sinks. The undermount sinks required the fastening of mounts from underneath the kitchen sink counter. The drop-in sink is simply dropped into the hole left by the old sink. After measuring the opening for the sink, you can venture down to the home store or kitchen remodeling store to pick out your new sink.

Now is your chance to add an accent to your kitchen with complimentary color for your kitchen decor or go with the professional look and practicality of stainless steel or whatever other direction you wish to go. You could go with a deeper sink or convert from single basin to double basin or vice versa.

Whatever you decide, this article will take you through the steps needed to start and complete the job.

Tools and Materials

- Drop-in sink which fits into existing counter opening

- Pipe wrench

- Slip joint pliers

- Silicone caulk

- Caulking gun

- Tub and tile cleaner

- Putty knife

- Teflon tape

- Phillips head screwdriver

- Standard screwdriver

- Plumbing and drain parts as required by the specific job (Take in the old assembly to the hardware store so the salesperson see what you have to work with).

Step 1 - Planning and Choosing the New Sink

First measure the inside dimensions of the existing sink. Take these dimensions to the store when shopping for the new sink. Buying a sink which matches the existing counter opening is the easiest way to go. When shopping for the new sink, consider such things as color, depth, the construction material, and how well it will go with your kitchen or your future kitchen plans. Buying a new sink also gives you an opportunity to replace the faucet. You will also need to decide whether you want to go with separate hot and cold controls or with one universal control.

There are a few different washer-less types of faucets to choose from, ask your salesperson about your available options.

Step 2 - Removing the Old Sink

Once you bring your new sink home, it is time to remove the old sink. First, turn off the water supply to the sink. There should hot and cold turnoff valves under the sink area. Next, disconnect the plug for the garbage disposal. Next, disconnect the supply lines going to the faucet, then loosen the coupling nuts on the waste lines using a pair of slip joint pliers.

Now you can unscrew the clips holding the old sink in place. Once that is done, you then lift out the old sink and faucet.

Step 3- Preparing the Area around the Opening

Now you have the task of cleaning out the old caulk or putty from around the old sink. You can accomplish this by scraping it with a putty knife. Next clean the remaining mess with some tub and tile cleaner, then allow the area to dry.

Step 4 - Faucet Assembly

Attach the faucet assembly according the manufacturer's installation instructions. While the sink is upside down on the floor, run a clean bead of caulk around the outer bottom edge. Remember that you want a good seal once you place the sink in the counter. Turn the sink right side up, and carefully place in counter opening. Next, tighten the sink to the counter, with the clips provided, per the manufacturer's instructions.

Now clean the excess caulk with a damp sponge, and check to make sure all the plumbing parts are secure and fit together well. The new drain parts should fit together easily. Do not force anything.

Replacing a drop in kitchen sink is not a easy job. At any stage, if you feel that you are unable to do the job properly, then its beast to call for a professional help. You will browse through the list of contractors at

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