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How to Become a Certified Kitchen Designer CKD

Jun 9 2014 - Posted by
How to Become a Certified Kitchen Designer CKD

Certified kitchen designer training is required in order to become a certified kitchen Designer CKD. This usually begins with completion of formal kitchen contractor carpentry classes; most often through a vocational school or collage. Or else by completing another type carpentry or kitchen construction program internship.

A good first step for a certified kitchen designer CKD novice would be to work as an apprentice under a veteran kitchen designer; one with at least 7 years hands-on experience in kitchen remodel designs and kitchen renovation. In fact, kitchen remodelers must have 7-years experience in kitchen design layout to become certified kitchen designers. Helping to ensure each kitchen construction industry professional has obtained a high level of skill in kitchen remodel designs.

Certified kitchen designer training candidates must also pass rigid testing; a difficult exam that requires applicants to prove they have mastered various kitchen designer skills, including:

  • Kitchen remodel designs
  • Specialty kitchen floor options
  • Large and small kitchen renovation
  • Optimal kitchen countertops using today's most stylish materials such as slate, metal, sandstone, or granite kitchen countertops. As well as other, more moderately priced options; including laminate, recycled wood, and tile kitchen countertops.
  • State-of-the-art kitchen design, as well as kitchen remodeling on a budget designs
  • Various types of cabinetry, including modern kitchen cabinet design
  • Kitchen remodeling on a budget; how to maintain a kitchen contractor budget
  • How to formulate an effective kitchen renovation checklist
  • Knowledge of National Association of the Remodeling Industry NARI and National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA standards, as well as national and local building codes and guidelines.

Certified kitchen designer CKD exams are conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association NKBA and Society of Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers.

Only after completing 7 years certified kitchen designer training and passing the required kitchen designer exam that encompasses NKBA guidelines and standards does a kitchen contractor become a licensed kitchen designer. Even then, continuing certified kitchen designers education and ethical business practices are required to maintain good standing as a Certified kitchen designer CKD.

That said, although not a certified kitchen designer CKD, some kitchen remodelers have a natural talent for developing stylish kitchen design layout ideas. If you desire high-end kitchen remodel designs or want one-of-a-kind tailored kitchen construction, research for certified kitchen designer CKD options in your area.

If availability or too-high a price quote prohibits hiring a professional with certified kitchen designer training, don't despair. The right kitchen contractor, one with a creative flair and experience in kitchen design layout, can achieve stunning results with a kitchen remodeling on a budget price tag. With the appearance of a certified kitchen designers revelation; quality workmanship enhanced by unique designer appeal!

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