How to Add Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Adding kitchen cabinet lighting is great and simple step toward your dream kitchen. After working in your kitchen for a while, you will know where to concentrate the lighting. This is why this project is well timed to plan for, after you have worked in your kitchen for a while and no where your lighting needs are the greatest. Overhead lighting does not reach well into the areas under the cabinets, but this is where you do most of your critical food preparation work.

Another advantage to kitchen cabinet lighting is that once it is strategically installed, you can replace the overhead lighting with softer bulbs - giving your whole kitchen a classier and more relaxed ambiance.

There are two main choices in modern kitchen cabinet lighting. Puck lighting involves a round or puck-shaped lighting fixture. There are many styles and bulb types to choose from. The other major choice is string lighting, which is reminiscent of the type of lighting that are strung along the isles of theaters. The flexibility of either type, affords the homeowners much control over the distribution of light in the kitchen. Just as they work well as safety lighting in a theater, a portion of the lighting can be used as very effective night lighting.

There are plenty of online sites to give you lighting ideas. Just type in kitchen cabinet lighting in the search engine to find out about the wealth of your different options. The creative combinations are endless. This is great chance to bring out the artist in you, at the same time you are making practical choices on upgrading the lighting situations in your kitchen. This is an excellent opportunity to make your kitchen more utilitarian and beautiful at the same time.

Tools and Materials

Measuring tape

Puck and/or string lighting kits

Phillips Screwdriver

Standard Screwdriver



Power drill and bits

Hole saw bit


Safety glasses

Plastic clips



Step 1: Planning and Shopping

First, place the kind of bulb in your overhead light you will want to have once the job is done. This will give you an idea of what your lighting needs will be in the work areas, while softening the overall ambiance of the kitchen. Ask yourself where you do your cutting, preparing and inspecting of food. This is where you will need the most lighting. Then think about the secondary work areas under the cabinet. Measure all the areas which will have lighting installed. Mark the holes where the lights will be installed.

Another consideration is the kitchen display items you want to highlight with special lighting. A trip to a lighting section or online will give you some ideas. You can use different size flashlights to get an idea of what the different lighting effects will be. If you go to a good lighting store or lighting section of a home store, there should be some mock displays simulating how the different lights would look installed in a kitchen.

Step 2: Clearing the Work Area

After purchasing the lighting and before you install, clear off all the counters and the insides of any cabinets of which you will be installing in cabinet lighting.

Step 3 - Turning off the Circuit

Turn off the circuit switch or switches which control the section of the kitchen in which you will be installing the lighting system or systems.

Step 3: Connecting the Lighting

You should be able to run the wiring through the cabinets. Drill holes as needed. Bare wires should be strung through electrical conduit.

Step 4: Installing the Lighting

Read the manufacturer's installation instructions very carefully. Drill the holes where you marked earlier with a hole saw bit. Install the lights per the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 6: Final Installation and Testing

Connect the lighting toe the power source, then turn the circuit breaker back on to test the lights.

If you are able to install kitchen cabinet lighting then there is nothing like that. But if you think you are not so good with wiring and may mess up things, then its best to call for a help by a consultant. Browse through for complete list of consultants in your area.

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