Get Better Organized With a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Your kitchen is often at the heart of everyday hustle and bustle. And it could be that the design and layout of your kitchen are hampering your attempts to be better organized and stay on schedule. A kitchen remodeling project gives you the ideal opportunity to include the tools you need to get more organized and run a peaceful home, even in the midst of all that hustle and bustle.

Remodeling a kitchen is no easy task, but the efforts and investment put into this project are well worth it. This renovation will increase the value of your home and offer better quality day-to-day life for every member of your family.

Space Is Important

Reducing clutter will always create a certain measure of space, but to be truly organized you will likely need to have more space. If that is not an option, changing the accessibility of your current space can make a major difference to your level of organization.

For instance, cabinet space is at a premium in your kitchen. Including better shelving, drawers and racking systems in your kitchen remodel will allow you to make the best use of that cabinet space. Think about how you really use the cabinets when choosing the styles and design. Many modern kitchens are designed with more deep drawers for pots, pans and dishware than the traditional cabinetry with doors and shelves. These changes - which take up no more space than the existing cabinets do - will go a long way to organize the items in your kitchen.

Traffic Flow

A well designed kitchen remodel is all about how the traffic flows through the room. Is there enough space for more than one person to be cooking or preparing a meal? If that is not possible (such as in a galley kitchen), think about ways to direct the traffic around the room in order to accommodate these situations when they pop up.

Remember that the stove, fridge and sink should be arranged in a workable way and the dishwasher needs to be handy to the cabinets where dishes are stored. Other non-essential kitchen inclusions like the chest freezer or water cooler can be tucked off to the side or removed to another space entirely.

Desk or Mini-Office Space

Food preparation and consumption are not the only things that go on in the kitchen. Besides entertaining - which occurs more often than not in the kitchen too - this room can be the main area for homework, correspondence and catching up. It makes sense that your organized kitchen should include the tools and space needed for these activities as well.

Telephone desks or even mini-office spaces can be designed into a corner, with built in shelving for books and papers and possibly even a small filing cabinet. Think about wiring up for a laptop and battery charging station so that all of your wireless electronics can be kept handy in the same location.

Mail sorting stations can be hung on the wall with in and out slots. The entrance to the kitchen can even be turned into a handy storage area with lockers, hooks and shelving for coats, bags and other outerwear and school or work gear.

It's important that your kitchen remodeling project start by assessing how you use your kitchen and then designing for those needs. Install the cabinet systems that you will use best, whether those include racks, drawers or traditional cabinetry. Be sure the optimum traffic flow can be attained through the placement of the appliances and think about whether office space and work areas are needed. These decisions will help you to remodel your space into a highly organized and efficient kitchen.

Posted by: diana
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