All the Best Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen remodeling is a profitable venture, but a good renovation requires a good kitchen design. This area of concentrated activity needs to be built for work. But since it's also the heart of your home, the kitchen should be designed with comfort in mind as well.

How can you mesh those two concepts together into a stellar kitchen design? By focusing on your family's needs and implementing classic designer tips.

The Triangle

Make sure that your major work centers - including the sink, refrigerator and stove - are placed in a triangle pattern. Having a clear pathway between each of those three key areas will allow you to work efficiently. It will also open up the rest of the kitchen and provide better overall flow in the room.


Many designers state that the best advice is to choose materials and styling that will last. Make sure your flooring, counters, cabinets, fixtures and appliances are durable and low maintenance. Opt for styling that you won't grow tired of quickly, providing a form of visual durability. Think about what your kitchen needs to endure every day and provide the strongest, toughest structure in which to get it all done.

Storage Essentials

Make room for stuff. A kitchen is full of gadgets, small appliances, dishes and of course, food. There needs to be plenty of storage space for each of these things and it needs to be designed in a usable, convenient way. Try deep drawers instead of gaping cupboards, sliding racks and wire baskets inside the pantry and display cabinets tucked into hard to reach areas. Be creative and innovative when designing your kitchen for storage. You'll need to have everything handy, but still maintain a sense of organization and tidiness.

Make It Personal

The very best kitchen designs are those that take your family's personality into play. What do you like to do in your kitchen? How do you cook? Eat? Hang out? Incorporate all of those things into your kitchen design with personalized spaces and design elements that will add relaxation and convenience to your daily life. Remember not to go overboard, as resale value hinges heavily on your home's kitchen. But including customized options in your kitchen will pay off big time now.


Because you're working in the kitchen, light is a necessity. Design spot lighting in those important areas of work - like the island, the kitchen sink and the stove top. But don't forget to plan for good overall lighting coverage. Pot lights provide excellent illumination without barging into the space and are easily installed.

Go Big

Design your kitchen to have adequate space, taking into account the amount of time that you'll actually spend there. Borrow space from another room if you need to. Your kitchen needs to be open and allow traffic to flow through without interrupting the cook. Eat in kitchens are a family necessity and remember that this space requires plenty of storage. You just can't do that in a cramped area. Design your kitchen remodel to be as large as possible.

Make the most of your kitchen renovation with the best kitchen designs. No matter what decorating style you like, these classic kitchen design tips will transform this important room into a hub of activity and a comfortable place of retreat.

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