Tips for Reducing Air Conditioner Noise

Air conditioners can make summer living so much more pleasant. With heat waves coming before the leaves appear or hitting you after the leaves have changed colors, it is great to have a trusty air conditioner around to provide a welcome cool haven. But, air conditioners can be noisy - especially the window type. If you ever felt you had to choose between unbearable heat or unbearable air conditioner noise, then read the tips provided by this article.

Tip 1 - First Check the Fit of the Frame around the Air Conditioner

You are so happy to get your first blast of warm weather after months of winter. As mid-afternoon approaches, the heat builds up in your home and you are ready to try out the air conditioner for the first time of the year. Spring fever turns to frustration, when you can no longer ignore the weird vibrating noise coming somewhere from the air conditioning area.

Chances are that the winter weather has given a beating to the frame work around your air conditioner. First, place a small glass object on top of the air conditioner. If the sound of vibration gets louder, you know that the air conditioner is vibrating. Use a flashlight to check for gaps in the framework. You can seal these gaps with a combination of the shims and rope caulk.

If you find places where the wood is starting to rot from mold, scrape out the moldy soft wood with a knife then kill the mold with bleach and let dry thoroughly before patching with wood putty.

Also check the bracket mounting to make sure it is not loose. Re-tighten the mountings after securing the frame. Use bigger screws if the hole has become loose.

A newly resealed framework with some rubber stripping or rope caulk to absorb the vibrations should keep your air conditioner from sounding like a bull moose during the mating season. If you are still hearing noise then check the tips below. Adding some rubber washers may also help to dampen the vibrations.

Tip 2 - Check the Bolts Holding the Compressor

Air conditioner manufactures have been know to make the bolts securing the compressor extra tight for shipping purposes. If this is the case, then loosen up the bolts a bit with an adjustable wrench.

Tip 3 - Check the Fan Blade

Check the fan blade for dirt or grease that can throw it off balance. Clean the fan and bend back any blades that are slightly out of alignment. If the blade is still noisy, or to warped to be easily re-aligned, then you will have to replace it.

Tip 4 - Check the Compressor

If the compressor is too noisy, you will have to replace it.

Tip 5 - Check the Window Panes

It may be that the nearby window panes are rattling. This is easy to fix. Push in window glazing around the seal of the glass, both inside and outside. It will take a day for the glazing to fully set.

Tip 6 - Become an Amateur Acoustical Engineer

If you've followed all of the above tips and are still having noise problems, then it is time to learn something about acoustics. Go to a good hardware or home store to find out about what soundproofing materials you can use to further dampen the air conditioner noise. There are foams that can dampen the noise coming in from the outside, but you will need to build a framework to house the foam. Luckily, air temperature insulating materials can also act as sound insulators. You could spray in insulation between the walls. A better insulated room will also mean the air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep the room cool.

Upholstered furniture helps absorb sound and makes the room more comfortable.

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