Include a Home Theater in Your Attic or Basement Remodel

Home Theater a Popular Trend

Whether you reside in New York or Los Angeles, Dallas or Chicago, an increasingly popular home remodeling idea is the addition of a new home theater room design into an existing room of the home.

Today's cutting edge technology in DLP HDTV has enabled extremely high resolution large screen format at a very affordable cost. A few years ago, large format plasma television came with a price tag of about $30,000 for a 63-inch screen. Today, a DLP technology HDTV 61-inch screen can be purchased for about $2,100.

Choosing a home theater system comes with numerous designs, sizes, and models from which to select. The home theater sound system is a crucial element of the complete system; choice and selection of components, options, and price are nearly endless.

Finding the Right Room

Probably the most important consideration when planning a home theater design is selecting a suitable room in the house for the home theater installation. There are two possible areas of the home frequently overlooked; the attic and the basement.

Incorporating a home theater into an attic remodel or basement remodel is a great idea. First, because these areas are unfinished in many homes; secondly because special considerations for a home theater are easily incorporated into the finishing work.

Many attics offer the necessary room for meeting minimum habitable room headspace requirements. Most attic remodel projects involve increasing the insulation, which is also a good idea for home theater soundproofing. Since the object of a home theater is to duplicate the big screen experience, extra soundproofing helps from interfering with activities in other areas of the home, or with neighbors.

Any special cabling or wiring for a home theater audio system can quickly be put in place by home theater installers before the walls, floors, or ceilings are finished, minimizing time and costs. This is also a perfect time to install wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted built in speakers. Of course if you are planning a wireless home theater, with a wireless home theater speaker system or wireless surround sound system, pre-wiring the frame walls is unnecessary.

Basements are the other ideal candidate for a home theater. Incorporating one into a basement remodel is beneficial for the same reasons as an attic remodel, with the added benefit that only the ceiling would require extra insulation for soundproofing, since the room is already underground level.

Home Theater Can be Complicated - Hire a Professional

Before you begin any work, it is a good idea to check with knowledgeable home theater installers to have the room assessed. They can suggest any necessary changes for optimum acoustic properties, as well as system size requirements for your particular home theater design.

Installers are usually affiliated with retailers, or are retailers themselves. You can visit their showrooms and purchase state of the art systems, specialty home theater furniture, or even decorative acoustical wall panels for enhancing acoustic properties of the room and dècor at the same time.

Another very good reason to involve a home theater professional is that the installation of most home theater systems can be very technical; above the capabilities of the average homeowner. Enlisting the services of a professional can save hassles and headaches.

One innovative new resource to locate home theater system installers or any home improvement contractor is online at Whether you live in Sacramento or Seattle, post your project free of charge, with no obligation whatsoever. Start receiving competitive bids from contractor service providers in your community in days, even hours!

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