How to Replace a Toilet Seat

To replace a toilet seat, the only tool you will need is a pair of pliers. And, for some seats you will only need your thumb and fingers, because they come with wing nuts.

Replacing the toilet seat requires absolutely no knowledge of plumbing. The main thing you need to know is that there are two shapes of seats primarily sold in North America: the round toilet seat and the elongated toilet seat.

Most likely, in your home you have an round toilet bowel. The elongated toilet bowel is used mostly for commercial uses. Some thought should go into type of seat you buy, since you want to be comfortable when you are in the bathroom. Having the right comfort and style is worth the extra time and investment.

Tools and Materials

One pair of pliers

One toilet seat set

Measuring tape

Step 1 - Measuring the Old Seat

Measure the old seat. If it is 18 to 19 inches, it is an elongated toilet seat. If it is about 16 inches long it is a rounded toilet seat. Now you know what size and shape toilet seat to buy.

Step 2 - Shopping for the New Toilet Seat

There are three types of toilet seats: plastic, wood and polypropylene.

Polypropylene seats are becoming very popular due to their durability. Polypropylene also easily accepts dye, in the molding process, so they are available in many colors and designs. Polypropylene is also very moisture resistant, which makes it a good choice for bathrooms that are subject to moisture build up.

Plastic toilet seats also come in many different colors and styles. They are usually more cost effective than wood or polypropylene toilet seats.

Wood toilet seats are more sturdy than plastic, and many people find them more comfortable than plastic or polypropylene. But, wood does present the possibility of splinters. Considering the part of the body that would suffer the splinter, you want to purchase a well constructed and sealed wood toilet seat, and replace or refinish it if its surface starts to break down.

Step 3 - Removing the Old Toilet Seat Bolts

Once you brought the new seat home, you can now remove the old toilet seat. First, pop off the caps covering the bolt heads on the old seat. Next, remove the bolts with either your fingers or a pair of pliers. (On a tough to loosen old metal bolt, spray some lubricant on the bolt and let it sit for a few minutes before loosening).

Step 4 - Removing the Old Toilet Seat

After removing the old bolts, you can lift and remove the old seat. Next, clean and sanitize the area that was covered by the old seat assembly.

Step 5 - Lining up the New Bolts

Take the new bolts and insert them through the holes at the back of the toilet, seating the rubber gaskets between the head of the bolts and the toilet bowl.

Step 6 - Installing the New Toilet Seat

Unsnap the tops of the two tab in the back of the toilet seat so that the bolts can be slipped through. Next, line up the holes in the tabs with the bolts. Next, screw on the nuts, then press down the tops of the tabs. Your new seat is now ready to install.

If you want to get the toilet seat installed in a hassle free manner, then you must contact a professional. You may go through for complete list of professional contactors.

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