How To Find a Handyman Services Company You Can Trust

When the “to do” list gets so long that you avoid it entirely then it's probably time to call for help. When your spouse buys you tools for your birthday hoping to have a few repairs looked after then you know the urgency is real. Home maintenance and repair issues never go away, no matter how much we ignore them. That's why the work of a handyman services company is so important.

But how can you find a firm that is reliable, affordable and above all, skilled? You need to be able to trust that they will do the job properly, on time and for the quoted rate. And you may need to search hard to find that company.

Referrals and References

Spring is the time for home shows across the nation. Grab your family and browse through a local home show or two to get a better idea about what (and who) is out there. Look for displays by handyman services companies and gather contact information about other trades while you're at it.

But you will need more than a business card and a nice show booth to help you decide which company to hire. Ask around for referrals and if you can't get many, start asking for references.

The difference between the two is that a referral generally comes from an unbiased source that has your best interest in mind, such as a friend or family member. A reference is supplied by the company and could be pre-screened and even coached about the amount and type of information to share regarding the work that was done. You can trust both, but the value of a referral is higher than that of a reference.

Workmanship Is Crucial

One of the most important features of a good handyman is workmanship. You need to find a skilled craftsman that will apply diligence, carefulness and quality materials to whatever project you assign him/her. Whether it is a simple repair job or a more advanced project like a deck or basement renovation, a valuable handyman will always deliver quality workmanship to each customer.

You can trust a handyman services firm that employs experienced staff with credentials that are relevant to their position. The staff member that works on your plumbing should be a certified plumber. And the crew working on your cabinetry should be trained woodworkers. Whatever the project involves, a trustworthy company will offer the skilled handymen required.

Think Local and Watch For Franchises

It's best to find a handyman that is local, if only to cut down on travel expenses and wait times. But there are many national firms that also have local branches or franchises, allowing you to get the trustworthy name, solid warranty and national reputation of a larger firm with the personal service of a local operator included.

You may find an individual handyman firm nearby as well. No matter which type you choose - national franchise or individual small business - be sure they are experienced and provide a list of current references you can contact. Check their pricing, materials, scheduling and product knowledge against other firms to find the best option.

Handyman services can help you shrink that lengthy to do list and take care of those household repairs. Start by asking for referrals and be sure to get references off of each company, whether referred or not. Evidence of skilled workmanship will instill trust and sourcing out a local handyman firm is important. Once you have hired their services, you will likely find more and more projects to keep them busy. The work of a skilled handyman is almost never done.

Posted by: diana
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