How to Create a Well-organized Laundry Room; as Inviting as it is Functional

Although homeowners with families spend an average of 5 to 8 hours a week in laundry-related activities, the laundry room can be one of the most neglected areas of the household.

But by updating an existing room or incorporating a new laundry room feature into their floor plan, homeowners not only enhance the real estate value of their home. They help make laundry duties less daunting; requiring less time and less inconvenience.

7-keys to Laundry Room Remodeling Success

To help insure your laundry room remodeling project is a success, remember the following:

1. Plan carefully to utilize available space to its full advantage.

2. Ease of access is a key factor.

3. Adequate light is important - natural or artificial.

4. Ease of movement / ease of room use is important.

5. Ample space to perform tasks.

6. Features that make tasks easier and more convenient.

7. Dècor and features that make the room inviting and cheerful.

Utilize Available Space

Regardless whether the room is large or small, utilize available space to its full advantage. If you're adding a laundry room onto your home, carefully plan your laundry room design idea.

Include adequate storage space, and extra space beside the washer for a laundry sink to rinse stains or presoak clothes prior to washing. Constructing the room larger than what you need allows for expansion later; for instance, the addition of a crafts or sewing area.

Ease of Access

For most households, this would mean placement of the laundry room on the ground floor. Omitting the need to go up and down stairs, or becoming isolated from the rest of the family while attending to things in the laundry room

Directly off from the kitchen, in close proximity to main activity areas of the house is a good location.

Adequate Light

Not only does adequate light create a more cheery, safer work environment. It provides proper light for important tasks such as ironing, identifying stained areas on clothing, and better performing the task of properly matching socks!

Non-glaring, uniform incandescent lighting is preferred. Besides overhead lighting, a separate wall fixture located near appliances and the laundry room work table is also convenient.

Ease of Use

Similar to the kitchen work triangle of stove, refrigerator, and sink; appliance, work table, and sink placement in the laundry room layout is important for ease of use.

Regardless if you have a small laundry room or large, utilizing wall space over and around work areas for supplies and storage will save steps and time. No-fuss flooring that can handle occasional spills will save time and maintenance; vinyl or ceramic tile are good choices.

Space to Perform Tasks

Think of innovative ways to provide space for multi tasks. A fold down table or shelf on the wall beside the washer, for instance, provides a surface for sorting clothes or applying pre-treat before washing. A work table off the side of the dryer is handy for removing clothing from the dryer, and folding.

A corner for an ironing board and to hang pressed clothing is also handy, since many of today's specialty fabrics require at least light pressing after laundering.

Features that Make Tasks Easier

Be a laundry room organizer! If you've a stationary table by the dryer for folding clothes, place color coded plastic bins for each family member under the table; ready to receive clean, folded laundry. This frees up table space, while separating laundry for easier distribution.

A nearby wastebasket is handy for cleaning the dryer filter. And 1-inch PVC pipe makes great hanging rods for permanent press clothing as it comes out of the dryer; place at a convenient height over the dryer or folding table for ease of use.

A second fold down table provides additional work area without taking up extra space; great for heavy laundry days such as when bed linens are changed, or for visiting friends and relatives. It could also double as a sewing or craft table.

An Inviting, Cheerful Dècor

A pleasing laundry room dècor will help take the drudgery out of performing laundry tasks. Part of your laundry room renovation, then, might include bright colors to lighten up the room and make it more cheerful.

Many homeowners like the addition of a window with a pleasant outside view. Scientific research indicates that daylight and pretty scenery can have a positive impact on a person's mood - making laundry seem a less daunting task. Frame your windows with window coverings that compliment the rest of your home dècor.

Getting Your Laundry Room Design Idea off the Ground

When it comes to laundry room makeovers, homeowners are discovering there's no place like for finding just the right plumber or renovation contractor to complete all or just a part of their new laundry room project.

Post your project online for free, with no obligation. Start receiving bids from some of the most reliable, experienced contractors in your area. Ready to help take the drudgery out of laundry day; and create a laundry room design you'll be proud of.

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