How General Contractors Can Help You Renovate the Attic

There are only so many ways a homeowner can renovate to add more space and natural light into their home. An addition isn't always possible due to the size of the property. And even a finished basement can be too dark and dingy for comfort. Consider how an attic renovation can create the living space you need without the need for extensive changes to the balance of your home. General contractors are the best firms to call for this project, as their expertise in all areas of home construction will make this particular addition a breeze.

What Are the Different Types of Attic Renovation?

If your attic space is full height (meaning it has ceilings that are at least 8 feet tall) a renovation may involve designing the space to include the necessary plumbing and electrical, finishing the walls and installing flooring. Otherwise, there is some more extensive work to do.

You can also raise the roof with an attic addition that will become a second floor on a bungalow, or even a third floor on a two-storey home. This can get complicated in certain circumstances and your home may need added support and a completely redesigned roof. But that's why you need the expertise of a general contracting firm to guide you through the necessary steps of this renovation project.

Dormers are another way to create more space and light in the attic. These windows that jut out from the existing roof often create a decent amount of space on the inside as well, space of a good height and whatever width you design it to. Dormers can be small and round (often called an eyebrow dormer) or large and gabled. Perfect for a bedroom or home office space, dormers also add a certain amount of character to both the interior and exterior of your home.

How Can General Contractors Help?

Because a general contracting firm has knowledge and experience with all stages of construction they will have the necessary skills and contacts to make any type of attic renovation happen. Building up from the attic, putting in dormers and even finishing a full height attic space can get complicated. Roofing and trusses will most likely be involved, as will electrical and mechanical (heating and lighting). If you are adding a bathroom there will be a need for plumbing too. A general contractor will hire professionals to do the job right, coordinate all of the scheduling and help you manage any involvement with the municipality.

You can expect to pay a general contracting firm for their time in managing your project. But the knowledge and advice they will offer is well worth that charge. You cannot afford to have this project designed incorrectly, as any issues with the roofing or house structure will involve the rest of the building and could potentially cost you major amounts of money.

Consider an attic renovation when you need extra space in your home. This project will add plenty of light and can allow for easily accessed living space, but is best handled with the help of a general contractor. Whether you need to raise the roof, add a dormer or simply finish the interior of the attic, the project will go smoother under teethe supervision of a general contracting firm.

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