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Renovating a home, or part of a home, can be the biggest project of your life so it helps to have the advice and help of a home improvement contractor to see you though the process. Unlike many new home builders experienced home contractors have worked on all types of renovation jobs from complete renovations to adding a side deck. Most have also encountered rot and insect damage that may or may not affect the structure of the home.

Home contractors agree that one of the biggest reasons for renovating is to gain living space. This can be achieved through expanding the square footage or rearranging space within the home as in renovating an empty basement or attic. However it is done increasing the livable area in a home almost always increases the price and salability of the property.

Basement Renovation

One of the biggest reasons for renovating a basement is to make a living area out of the space. Traditionally basements were storage areas or a place to put coal, sawdust or wood to provide the heat. For the most part they were dirty, moist places in which people spent little time.

New waterproofing ideas have transformed the basement into an excellent living space. With old basements, home contractors will fix any water problems before proceeding including tearing out old interior walls. Once they are satisfied that the area is dry then they can build almost any type of living space: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. Two other great reasons for renovating the basement is that the utilities are handy and the mess from renovating can be isolated to this one area.

Garage Renovation

A garage that is attached to the home usually has power already in place and the walls and ceiling insulated. Home contractors can seal off the garage door or doors and have the space ready for living space in a short time as compared to adding a room. The only drawback with this idea is that it is not the best situation for resale because many potential buyers want a garage.

Space in the attic of detached garage can be made into an apartment or work area. The power is already there but water and sewer would need to be installed for a full-fledged apartment. Many new garage designs come with an attic apartment idea and new homebuilders are making use of this in their plans.

Room Additions

Many older homes have large lots and so building onto the home is no problem. When a room or large living space is added to an already-existing home it is like building a separate cottage or small house. A foundation has to be installed before the structure can be built and utilities have to be considered. Then the process goes forth much like building a new structure except that the roofline of the existing structure may have to be considered. In this case the trusses may have to be altered to fit the new roofline of the addition.

With room additions home contractors can keep the building mess outside until the time to join the addition to the home but, in most cases, this may only take a few days.

Adding A Story

One of the most difficult renovations, and the most costly, is to build new story on to the home. This is because before the building process can get under way the roof of the home has to be demolished. However, first the building must first be inspected to see if the foundation and walls can support an addition. If not then the walls will have to be strengthened.

Once the roof has been taken off the home contractors have to worry about rain or other water sources getting into the home so the area will have to be covered. The construction work basically uses the existing house as a foundation for the new expansion and the new part is built as a small house or cottage would be built. The good news is that the utilities are easily connected although a larger panel may be needed for the electrical. For all the expense and time to complete the project you will have gained up to 50% more living space and the value of the home will have gone up considerably.

Deck Space

An inexpensive way to gain living space is by building a deck or expanding and existing one. The new-style decks extend the living space from inside the home to the outside through outside kitchens and even living rooms. In northern parts of the country the decking season has been expanded through outdoor fireplaces, furnishings and entertainment systems. Decks can be protected by roofs and screened in against insects.

Gaining space does not have to be done all at once. Get a plan together so that you can renovate in stages. For information on hiring home contractors who specialize in home additions consult our Contractor Directory or simply post your project online and one will contact you.

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