Cheap Tips to Flip Your House

If you have never been in the situation of having to sell a home it can be both a costly and frustrating experience. Some prospective buyers walk through the home and walk out without making an offer and others don't even get past the front yard. This does not mean your house is not a good buy. Rather, it means that you have not used every tool available to you in the fine art of selling a property.

Exterior - Curb Appeal

Clean Up: The first thing you can do which does not cost a great deal of money is to properly clean the property. That lilac bush that you love so much may be green suffocation for someone looking at your home so either hire a landscaping company to trim, prune and clean the property or do it yourself. It takes about 1 day, a pair of hedge clippers and some large, clear bags. When you've finished you would not believe how this opens up your yard.

Paint: This is another area where “elbow grease,” not money, makes a big difference. If your home has vinyl siding you can take a picture to a paint store and they can help you choose the right trim color for the wood parts. Look at what the other homes in the neighborhood are painted. Sometimes vinyl shutters can be painted a different color for a better trim.

If your home is wood-sided then you may want a professional to paint it to save time. This is money well spent because the painting crew does the job much quicker that you even if you have a lot of friends. As well, they clean up afterward. However, if you do it yourself you will save money.

The Fence: If you have a wooden fence this is a good time to power wash and then paint it. In many cases fences are the framework for your home so pick a good color that compliments the home.

Decking: Like fences decks should be power washed and either stained or painted. This can add a new dimension to the look of your home.

Landscape: After the cleanup and painting it's time to walk around the home and make notes on what you can do to compliment your new paint job. Making crisp edges around the sidewalk and gardens with an edger gives a well-manicured look. Also building up the flower beds and adding mulch (The red cedar mulch looks great in many circumstances.) has a finishing touch. If you are selling in the summer or fall plant annuals as they are cheap at the end of the season. In addition, you can line a boring driveway with three or four potted shrubs.

When you've finished with the outside ask some friends to critique the place. They will notice things that you may take for granted. Things like a missing shingle or crooked gutter convey a lackadaisical attitude on your part to a serious buyer.

Front Door Area: This is your welcome mat for viewers and, in some cases, their eyes will be less than 1 foot away from the door and trim. Carefully sand all areas that need to be painted and choose a complimentary color to the home. For example, a white, clapboard home with a turquoise trim might look great with a rose-colored entry door and sidelights. You can put matching hardware on the door and paint the old mailbox or buy a new one, and make sure the house numbers match the hardware. In addition, put up a swag, or seasonal wreath. The home stores have these available with matching dried flower stalks for a vase by the door. These touches bring a warm atmosphere to the home before the buyer steps in.

The Interior

De-Clutter: f you have lived in a place for a few years there is a good chance that you have a lot of possessions and unused material that hasn't been sorted yet. In fact, this is such a problem these days that there are companies that come into your home and help you sort out your possessions in a “triage” situation - Keep, Donate, Sell, Throw Out. If you have the time, do this and be ruthless.

This should be fairly simple to accomplish on your own but if not you can rent a mini-storage and start by boxing up possession that you do not use regularly during this particular season: sports equipment, camping gear, extra bed, clothing. Completely clean up the basement and garage so that anything left behind is stacked neatly on selves or in cupboards. Closets should be cleaned of anything you will not be using in the next 2 months. This includes keepsakes, pictures, boxes of sewing material, record collection, books, trophies and other vanity stuff. In addition, clear out as many of your family pictures as you can because buyers want to associate your home with their families.

Flooring: If your old vinyl floor in the kitchen and bathroom is looking old you can replace both for less than $500. This will immediately add sparkle to your kitchen. If you have carpet get it cleaned. Even if it is old shampooing the carpet and strategically-placing furniture will take away the “tired look.”

Staging: If your furniture is old , and you were thinking of buying a new sofa and chair, this is a good time to do it. “Staging” is the art of interior decorators whereby they rent furniture and decorations in order to sell a home or sell new homes from a staged show home. Draperies can be purchased from thrift stores for the occasion and even pictures - knock-offs of famous paintings - can be bought for less than $5

Paint: Before you spend a small fortune on the bathroom spend time with paint chips and the help of a paint store professional to work on a paint scheme for the home. Painting is the cheapest remodel for the return in money. It puts a fresh spin on the home.

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