Carport Project VS New Garage Construction

Vehicles and similar assets such as boats, motor cycles, ATVs, etc., represent large investments that homeowners want to protect against harm from outside elements. One good reason to plan a new garage or carport project.

A 2-minute hailstorm can cause cracked windows and headlights, and create surface damaging dents and dings to unprotected vehicles that not only mar the appearance. But break down protective finishes; an open invitation for rust and peeling paint, causing further damage.

Carport or garage construction can remedy the problem; providing a safe haven for vehicles, boats, and the alike. Keeping them protected not only from damage caused by storms, and fading and material breakdown caused by too much UV exposure. But also safe from theft and vandalism.

When making garage building plan selection, most homeowners opt for a two car garage plan, since many households have more than one vehicle. And also because the increased space and versatility provided is well worth the additional cost - which isn't that much more than it would be for a one car garage.

Two Car Garage Cost

The cost of a two car garage will vary; according to your local, garage design and size, materials used, and any extras included. Such as a heated garage floor, electronic garage door opener; or the addition of a workspace complete with garage workbench, garage shelving, and storage area.

Another cost-effecting factor is whether garage construction will be completed as a do it yourself project, through the services of a garage builder, or using a purchased two car garage kit.

Expect to pay anywhere from around $12,000 to $65,000 on up for a basic garage with concrete floor; the standard size of a two car garage being about 22-feet by 22-feet. This provides a little extra space for things such as camping gear, or a lawn mower and other lawn-care equipment.

If cost sounds a little out of your range, don't lose heart. Consider the “wallet friendly” option of a carport, instead.

A Carport Garage - the Quicker, more Cost-effective Solution

A carport - whether a freestanding carport, enclosed carport, carport awning over a concrete floor slab, or portable car shelter model - has other benefits than cost alone. Including:

  • Vehicle finish protection from sun damage and heat deterioration
  • Protection from hail damage
  • Vehicle is kept clean
  • Vehicle interior is kept cooler during hot, summer months

Carport advantages over a garage include:

  • Construction time - a quality carport can easily be built as a do it yourself carport project over a weekend, VS many weeks or even months to complete a garage
  • Construction ease - when using a carport kit, modern-day computer based technologies help ensure precision measurements and cutting for quick and easy assembly with minimal skill requirements.
  • Construction cost - as noted before, a carport can be built for a fraction of the cost of building a garage.
  • Construction classification - whereas building a garage is a more involved process, a carport project is usually considered an outbuilding that doesn't require planning consent. (However, as with any new construction or renovation project that alters a structure, because each local is different always check with local building officials before beginning work.)
  • Construction design - because of its open design, a carport allows air current to freely flow over the vehicle; drying off rain and dampness, instead of allowing it to cling for prolonged periods of time. Carport design is also more maintenance free than a wood or metal garage.

How to Build a Carport; Things to Keep in Mind

Regardless if you chose to build a canvas carport, a wood carport or metal - whether a portable carport or not - consider the following when developing your carport design plan:

  • Make it strong enough to withstand climate and weather conditions unique to the area in which you live.
  • Attaching one side of the carport to the wall of the house will not only save space. It also provides a comfortable outdoor area out of the sun, to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or simply relax. Especially convenient when constructed as a carport patio with sheltered access into the home.
  • Locating the carport with direct access into the kitchen is great for unloading groceries on rainy days.
  • Open lattice covered with flowering vines for the sides of the carport will not only make it more attractive and less stark. It will provide a wall of fragrance, increase privacy, and cut down on strong winds while still allowing air to flow, as well.
  • Make sure carport design and colors used will compliment home exterior design and color, as well as enhance the landscape.

For a superior carport design, also consider the following:

  • When building a wood carport, make sure the type timber used is suitable for exterior applications, as well as in-ground applications when making posts.
  • Carport height is important; 7-feet from the finished ground to the underside of the lowest end rafter is standard.
  • The roof “fall,” or slope, should be at least 2-inches; slope should be steeper (about 6-inches) if using clear PVC for the roof so water run-off is faster and roof stays cleaner.
  • A carport size of 20-feet by 10-feet is modest; construct yours bigger if the vehicle (or boat, etc.) you are building it for is large, or if you plan on using it for other purposes in addition to vehicle shelter. For instance, as a place to sit and relax, or to work on hobbies and make repairs, etc.
  • Posts set into the ground in concrete and bolted to the beams (using two bolts at each meeting) usually do not require further bracing. Posts supported by galvanized post brackets alone will require additional bracing for increased stability.

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