Home Remodeling Project Made Easy: How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

If part of your home remodeling project entails new carpeting, this would also be a great time to any fix squeaky floor problems. Once old carpet or flooring has been removed, you are ready to locate the problems and fix them.

Perhaps you've planned a bedroom remodeling or living room remodeling project. Even if you plan on hiring a remodeling contractor to do the job for you to insure project success, looking for and fixing squeaky areas of the floor is something you can do yourself. This will help cut down on remodeling costs.

Floor squeaks are usually caused by wood rubbing against wood, or wood rubbing against a nail. When the squeak is caused by sub-floor rubbing against a joist, you can tap a wood shim or shingle between the joist and the sub-floor in the area of the squeak. Don't force the shim, or you'll cause other problems that are more difficult to solve.

Other Effective Ways to Fix a Squeaky Floor

Residential and commercial flooring contractors have gained a wealth of innovative ideas acquired through experience, to prevent floors from squeaking. Below are just a few of the tricks of the trade.

First, walk over the entire floor area to locate squeak culprits. Once located, run a 2-inch drywall screw through the floor and sub-floor into the joist below. Use the visual line of existing nails to determine joist location.

Fixing a squeaky floor in one place can sometimes make the floor squeak in another. To remedy this problem, use a caulking gun loaded with a tube of construction adhesive. Run a tight bead of adhesive along both sides of the joist supporting the squeaky area of the sub-floor.

When you want to fix a squeaky floor problem caused by loose floor bridging, simply reattach the bridging. Determine where the troubled spot is. Use 1 X 4s cut to span and connect the two joists with 6d common nails, creating a new bridge.

A remodeling contractor, residential California flooring contractor, and professional contractors in your area will know how to employ these and other effective ways to fix a squeaking floor before laying down new carpet.

So, make sure your home remodeling project is a winner; whether a bedroom remodeling, kitchen, basement, or living room remodeling project. One that not only increases space, enhances use, and improves overall appearance, but eliminate irritating squeaking floorboards, as well!

How-to Tip:

When fixing a squeak caused by the movement of sub-floor against a joist, do the following: Before gently tapping a shim between the joist and sub-floor, first apply construction adhesive or glue to the shim. This helps the shim stay in place and reduces the risk of a returning squeak.

Quick-fix Tip:

For a quick fix, lubricate the squeak. This can be done using various lubricants, such as furniture polish, liquid soap, or even talcum powder. Avoid anything oily or greasy that could leech to the surface.

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