Exotic Wood Hardwood Flooring; Worth the Extra Cost or Not?

It is hard to beat the timeless beauty of hardwood flooring. Besides stylish eye appeal and the fact a solid hardwood floor compliments any type room dècor, consider the following factors:

  • A hardwood floor is durable; lasting virtually a lifetime with proper hardwood floor care.
  • When it comes to type of hardwood floor, there are a variety of wood species, finishes, stains, and patterns from which to select.
  • A hardwood floor is hypo-allergenic.
  • Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly.
  • When proper wood floor care is maintained, hardwood floor installation increases the real estate market value of a home and enhances its desirability.

In addition, most homeowners agree; whether a red oak hardwood floor or one made from a less common type of wood. When all is said and done, flooring cost is an affordable option; one worth every penny.

But, what about the higher expense associated with exotic hardwood flooring? An exotic hardwood floor costs more. But does that make it the best hardwood flooring type available, or simply a luxury?

Exotic Hardwood and the Janka Hardness Rating Connection

Aside from the lustrous beauty, fine grains, and unique color variances associated with the various types of exotic hardwood, there is another factor that makes exotic hardwood lumber a reasonable option. Even for homeowners on a budget.

Many exotic wood types - including Brazilian walnut, Brazilian teak, Tiete rosewood, and Santos mahogany - require less “pampering” because of their high Janka Hardness Rating.

Tests provided by the US Forestry Lab show that many exotic wood types are more durable than other types of hardwoods. Based on an official hardness ranking system, Janka test results represent the pounds of pressure needed to embed a 0.444-inch diameter steel ball one half its own diameter into the wood.

While white pine requires about 380 pounds of pressure, Douglas fir 660, and American cherry 950, many of the exotic woods are in the thousands.

Because of its 3,540 Janka Hardness Rating, Brazilian teak hardwood flooring may be an excellent choice for homeowners with growing families and large pets. Requiring less maintenance and repair from wear and tear.

Brazilian cherry, with a rating of about 2,820, might be a better choice as flooring for lots of heavy use and foot traffic than Australian hard cypress.

It may lack the wide range of cream to brown tones filled with dark character knots for the wonderful rustic look cypress is so coveted for. But, wood hardness rating for Brazilian cherry is about double, and flooring cost is less expensive per square foot than cypress for similar grade planks. Sometimes by as much as $1.65 or more.

A Sound Investment…Whether Imported Exotic Hardwood Flooring or Domestic

It is true that an exotic hardwood floor might require less precautionary measures to prevent surface damage, simply because its hardness level makes it more durable. However, households without small children, heavy foot traffic or other factors that could cause damage to hardwood flooring with lower hardness ratings need not pay the higher costs associated with exotics.

Domestic hardwoods for flooring remain a good option and sound investment for most households. Besides supporting our own economy and providing jobs for American citizens, there is a wide selection of hardwood species available on home ground that make stunning and durable hardwood floors. Requiring minimal upkeep and hardwood floor maintenance.

The key is quality of wood grade. Clear grades with fine wood grains that are warm and inviting; select grades devoid of naturally occurring “character marks.” There are also character grades, providing a type antique hardwood flooring. One with a rustic country charm; especially appealing with certain types of home design and interior dècor.

Other Solid Hardwood Floor Considerations

Today's factory finished hardwood flooring is a time saving convenience worth considering.

Besides cutting down on overall hardwood floor contractor costs because sanding and finishing isn't required, prefinished hardwood floor planks move independently with humidity changes. Making seasonal changes less stressful on flooring, and floor separations that develop over time less noticeable.

Hand scraped, distressed and reclaimed - previously used hardwood flooring - offer a classic look. One that is becoming increasingly popular; especially in upscale homes.

Wear and tear on this type wood floor isn't an issue, since the floor's appeal and value to the homeowner are the character flaws. Distressed wood flooring combined with classy, fashionable dècor is a guaranteed show stopper. A delightful combination of chic and shabby, hard to upstage.

Find the Right Professional Flooring Contractor for the Job

After deciding which type hardwood flooring is right for you - exotic wood or otherwise, finding just the right wood floor contractor is your next step. Hiring an experienced professional for floor installation will help protect your investment and guarantee project success.

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