Learn How to Save Money When Hiring an Electrician and Still Get a Quality Job

Electrical projects are bound to be involved in a renovation or remodel and even in the course of day to day living. Whether repairs or replacements, wiring and electrical can be DIY projects for those in the know, but often these jobs require the skills and training of an experienced electrician.

But is there any way to save money when hiring an electrical contractor? It's all about how you choose, what you know and what you have done that will make a difference to your final price.

Tip 1 - Get Educated

There's no doubt about it, electricity is complicated. Besides knowing how something is wired, you'll need to understand about load, transformers and the safety features that make up a good electrical system. Basic code knowledge is essential.

Without knowing anything about how your electrical wiring generally works, you can be easily taken in when something goes wrong. Even when you're replacing old wiring or putting on an addition, the details and technical aspects of home electricity can have you bogged down in no time. Get yourself some very basic knowledge and become familiar with the terms and language used, as well as standard calculations and conditions in residential electricity. There are plenty of decent books available that outline the basics.

If an electrician suggests a system or element that is unnecessary or less than what's required by code that basic knowledge will give you a foundation to question them and may also help you to understand the electrical contractor's reasoning and thought process.

Tip 2 - Hire Only the Best

Avoid costly repairs and many headaches by hiring only the best for your home. Ask around for trusted referrals from family and friends. If that's doesn't turn up any good names, look for electrical contractors that are well established in your area and have a solid reputation. Friends and neighbors may have a hobby of playing with electronics, but for your home wiring it's best to work with a certified and trained professional.

Tip 3 - Get It In Writing

Demand a detailed written quote on your electrical job. This is a standard practice with any contractor, but can be easily overlooked when dealing with electricians, who often charge by the hour. Avoid surprises and reduce the overall cost with a detailed quotation outlining the scope of the work, as well as more concrete details.

Some jobs have an element of the unknown and might have foreseeable complications. In those cases your electrician should commit in writing to an hourly rate. Ask for a log when the billing comes and compare that with your own notes of when the contractor was on site.

Tip 4 - Bundle Your Projects

Just like a plumber, being paid by the hour usually means that an electrician charges travel time. Cut back on that part of the cost by having everything ready for the electrical contractor when they arrive. Bundle the relevant jobs together to cut back on travel time and ensure everything you need completed gets done right and within budget.

Make a list of the electrical projects and potential repairs you want looked at while the electrician is there. Ask about rough-ins if you're not entirely sure when a need will occur. Bundling is more efficient and an easy way to save money on all of the jobs on your list.

Electrical projects can be complicated and expensive, but with the right contractor, a detailed written quote and some background research you can save money hiring an electrical contractor and still end up with a quality job. Bundle your electrical repairs and other projects together for even more savings. Essential and inevitable, electrical projects can be easily taken care of with these steps.

Posted by: diana
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