Five Reasons for Hiring an Electrical Contractor

Whether you're remodeling your bathroom or a basement, more than likely, you're going to install some source of electricity. Power outlets, lights, fans and appliances are all powered with electricity. The bigger the space you're remodeling, the bigger the electrical installation is probably going to be. You might think about doing the work yourself to save a few dollars. But before you break out the Romex wire and staples consider these five reasons why hiring an electrical contractor is a good idea.


Unless you work everyday wiring residential homes, then your skill level is probably not sufficient to work efficiently enough to actually save money by going DIY. Think of it like this: if you were a baker and you baked bread everyday, you could quickly make a dozen loaves. However, we can all bake bread. But it is the baker who can do this efficient enough to turn a profit.

Hiring a professional who has many good references can prove to you that their work is of high quality. Always check potential electrical contractor's references, following them up by calling each person provided. If the references all check out positive then you can rest assured knowing that you've made a good decision about hiring a professional electrical contractor.


A professional contractor can also do work fast and effective, cutting costs in the process while still maintaining professional standards. When time is of the essence—as it is in most remodeling projects—getting the job done quickly is a top priority. A professional electrical contractor can do an electrical renovation quickly and still produce quality work.

While speed may not seem like a necessary quality when doing electrical work yourself, if you're holding up other professional trades from getting their work done, you can cause problems when trying to schedule subcontractors down the road.

Local Knowledge

Besides being more profitable, a professional electrical contractor has the knowledge needed about local building codes to get the job done according to the local building department inspector's specifications. They work with these individuals on a daily basis and have a personal relationship with building officials so they know exactly how to get the job done up to local code and building standards.

Local electrical contractors will also have local knowledge about where to buy the cheapest materials. Hiring a local contractor can decrease your overall materials bill and if you're on a tight budget, this can really help lower costs.

Legal Issues

Even if you were once a master electrician in Oklahoma, it doesn't mean you have the legal authority to do it in Florida. Hiring a local electrical contractor is a good idea because it is LEGAL! Electrical contractors have the required licenses and can obtain the right permits to complete the job according to the law. Without the proper permits and licenses, you can be heavily fined, go to jail and even lose your property.

By knowing local building department officials on a first name basis, an electrical contractor can obtain permits quicker and easier than the average homeowner. They also have an easier time passing an electrical inspection than Joe Blow who walks in off of the street.

Safety Concerns

Although you've never been electrocuted before, there are a million other safety issues that could happen on a construction job. While accidents are rare, your homeowners insurance isn't going to cover the medical costs if an accident does occur. And it could easily happen to you or anyone else who helps with your electrical project.

A professional electrical contractor and their crew will be properly insured against any accidents that can happen on the job. Not only are the workers insured, but materials and tools are covered as well, making hiring an electrical contractor a necessary choice over doing it yourself.

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