The Closet - Don't Be Caught Without Enough!

One thing is for certain; every home needs a closet or two. In fact, closet design and resulting closet space is an important factor people consider when buying a home.

Inadequate Closet Space Can Be Costly

Countless home purchase considerations have been abruptly terminated due to inadequate or poorly designed closet storage features in the home. With no place to put “stuff” that so quickly accumulates, lack of closet space can significantly decrease the market value of your home.

How can this pitfall be avoided? By careful planning prior to new construction, or by undertaking a closet solution home improvement remodeling project. Remember, there is no such thing as “too much” closet storage space. And not enough will always negatively affect resale value of a home.

For walk in closet design or additional storage closet design as part of new construction, make sure that detailed specifications are included on paper within the plans. If you don't include specifics on paper or at least verbally discuss your closet storage idea with the building contractor, chances are you will end up with small closets. A standard design fitted with a single horizontal hanging rod and a shelf over it.

For existing homes, careful evaluation of existing closet space is required. Consider room shape and dimensions to help determine necessary renovations for a better closet storage plan; like changing or adding partition walls to increase closet space.

For situations where alteration or renovation is not feasible, a viable closet solution is the addition of a portable modular closet system or storage furniture item, such as a wardrobe or armoire.

A Thoughtful Approach to Closet Design

A spacious walkin closet design that will easily accommodate multiple use features is highly desirable. Especially for a master bedroom closet design. Whether a do it yourself closet design, or hiring custom closet services, there are important factors to include for project success.

By answering the following questions, built in custom closet design features and overall size requirements can be established in the plan:

  • Will provision for seating be required? If the walk in closet will have an area for dressing, some type seating will be essential.
  • Will a mirror be required for dressing? If so, allow at least 3 feet distance from dressing space.
  • Will you be ironing or folding clothes in the closet space? Counter space is a big plus; a fold down ironing board on hinges will further save space.
  • Will there be a window in the closet? Keep in mind that windows use valuable wall space; clothes and shelving cannot be placed in front of a window.
  • Will the closet be used primarily for clothing, or will provision be required for additional things such as seasonal items? (Christmas decorations, sporting goods, etc.)
  • Will the closet be in a confined area requiring auxiliary ventilation? Inadequate ventilation can allow excess moisture which promotes the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Will floor covering selection be for comfort, or ease of cleaning? Carpet may be the best choice for barefoot comfort, but hardwood or vinyl sheet goods may be the easiest to keep clean.
  • What about closet light? Lighting is another critical factor. Since most closets do not include windows, adequate lighting is a necessity. In your over-all design, keep in mind that closet light sources should be between the stored items and the person handling them. In addition, incandescent lighting creates considerable heat, and could represent a fire hazard. Your local building code might specify fluorescent lighting in closet spaces for that reason.
  • Should cedar be included in closet design? A cedar closet can be effective at keeping damaging pests away from stored clothing and other items. However, while most people find the aroma of cedar pleasant, some people find it offensive.

Organize Closet Space Efficiently

In addition to developing a well thought out custom closet design, incorporate storage concepts that utilize every square inch of available floor to ceiling space.

Bin closet shelving installed close to the ceiling might be great for seasonal items; roll-out boxes on floor areas work well for frequently used items. Things stored overhead on plastic coated wire closet shelving are more visible than on standard shelving.

Consider purchasing a pre-fabricated closet organizer or closet storage system to further maximize efficient use of available space. This is a DIY home improvement requiring no special skills; one that nearly anyone can undertake.

Closet organizer systems are readily available in countless styles and types; ranging from wire shelving to hanging compartments to plastic drawer units on rollers. Choose from a wide selection at any major discount retailer such as Walmart; or any home improvement store such as Lowes or Home Depot.

Most closets can accommodate two horizontal hanging rods; if ceilings are 9-feet or more, consider a third hanging rod. A closet shelf installed over one or more of the hanging rods will accommodate orderly storage of additional items.

Locate Custom Closet Designer

Planning a California custom closet design for new home construction, renovating an existing New York closet for increased space, or undertaking a storage closet project anywhere else in the USA? Homeowners all across America can locate custom closet designers quickly, easily, and FREE - without obligation.

Simply sign up at and post your closet renovation project online, where it is immediately visible to reliable contractors in your community 24/7. Local member contractors also receive instant e-mail notification of new project postings within their scope of service, and provide competitive bids in days, even hours from project posting.

View contractor company profile pages online at; including references, customer feedback, licensing/insurance/certification credentials, and photos of company staff and recently completed projects. And then make an informed hiring decision, or hire no one at all. Remember, there is no obligation whatsoever, and project owner membership is free!

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