Organization Tips for your Walk-In Closet

Even if you have a fairly large walk-in closet, you may find that it quickly becomes unorganized, making it difficult to find items. This happens because homeowners don't often have a clear closet organization plan from the start. You'll get the most out of your wardrobe if your master closet is organized, since you'll be able to see what you owe and feel more comfortable as you get dressed each morning. You can use the following tips to stay organized:

Tip #1: Separate your clothing by season.

Although some of your items you'll wear year-round, others, such as bathing suits and sweaters, will only be worn during part of the year. Start by organizing your entire wardrobe into three piles: year-round, summer only, and winter only. Have a space set aside to store the items that are out of season, and hang or fold only the items you're able to wear right now. That will cut down on a lot of the clutter in your closet from the start. A good way to store items is to purchase larger plastic containers that can be moved to a top shelf or pushed to a back corner, out of the way, when you aren't using those items.

Tip #2: Further separate your clothing by use.

You'll have some basic pieces that can be part of any outfit for any occasion, from lounging at home to going out for a night on the town. Basically, you want to separate your items into three categories: work, home, and special occasions. It's OK if pieces overlap, but when you're getting ready, it's easier if all of your business suits are hanging in one place and all of your cocktail dresses are hanging in another place.

Tip #3: Have a place for every shoe.

Piles of shoes can quickly take over a closet if you're not careful. If your budget allows, have a built-in unit installed with shelves or even drawers to hold shoes. Need to save money? Even and inexpensive shoe rack will do. Get into the habit of placing your shoes in the same slot as soon as you take them off, rather than leaving them on the floor. This will not only ensure that your closet stays organized, but it will also expand the life of the shoe, since there won't be as much wear and tear as it gets kicked around.

Tip #4: Install hooks.

Most homeowners never think to have hook in their walk-in closets, but these fixtures can actually be extremely handy. You can (and should) use hooks to hang items like bathrobes, belts, and scarves. Take notice to how a clothing store keeps items - that's how you should keep them too. Hanging items makes them easier to see and prevents items from being tangled, damaged, or forgotten.

Tip #5: Keep a laundry basket in your closet.

Many people like to have their laundry basket in a closet in the bathroom. While this does make sense, you should also have a laundry basket in your closet. You may walk in there to change out of clothing, and you don't want to be tempted to throw items on the floor. It's also possible that you'll accidentally stain items as you get dressed with makeup, deodorant, or other pesky items, so being able to throw the piece into a laundry bin will ensure that dirty clothes don't start to take over.

You might also want to consider a second laundry basket or bin in your closet, into which you can place items that need to be mended. As you dress, you might notice tears, popped buttons, holes, fallen hems, and other problems that you don't have time to fix immediately. Placing all of these items in a single location not only reminds you to fix them when you do have time, but also makes it simple to avoid piles of damaged clothing heaped everywhere.

Tip #6: Label shelves, drawers, and boxes.

When locations are labeled, it's easier to see where everything is and to sort through items as you put away your laundry. This is also a great reminder to your spouse to stay organized. Often, a closet becomes messy because one spouse is less organized and the other gives up on trying to keep up with the organization.

Remember, your walk-in closet should make sense for you and your organizational needs. For example, if you're short, you don't want to store important items on the top shelves, while if you're tall, you don't want to bend over to look through items that you use often. Create a closet that is personalize and also fully functional, meaning that you don't have to leave at all to finish dressing. That can leave trails of clothing and accessories all over your master suite. Make your walk-in closet a one-stop shop for everything you need tom complete you look for the day.

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