Professional Carpet Cleaning Services - Your New Carpet's Best Friend

Effective Carpet Care Begins Day One Most

homeowners are not aware that it is to their benefit that carpet cleaning services be enlisted immediately after carpet installation. Wall to wall carpet is a very significant investment. Prudent homeowners will do everything possible to insure getting maximum appearance, performance, and longevity from their purchase.

While many homeowners are under the false assumption that new carpet requires no special care for several years after installation, steps in preventative care should be taken immediately. While many new carpets are “stain resistant” fiber types, with stain resistant properties engineered right into the carpet fiber, many are not.

Carpet Protector…a Wise Choice

The application of a quality protector right after carpet installation will help make any carpet stain resistant. In addition, a quality protector will put a protective teflon coating on individual carpet fibers; effectively sealing them so that damaging microscopic soils cannot become embedded in the carpet. Soil particles are then easily and much more effectively vacuumed away, because there is nothing for them to cling to.

Cleaning the carpet in preparation for application of protector is also beneficial. It rinses away contaminants present in the pile from the manufacturing process. Metal filings, debris, and chemical compounds to name but a few.

The Unseen Enemy

All carpet manufacturer recommendations emphasis that carpet maintenance care include daily vacuuming. This helps prevent accumulation of damaging microscopic soil particles - a carpet's worst enemy. These unseen particles have sharp edges; when embedded in carpet pile, they cut and damage carpet fibers under normal foot traffic. Resulting in premature pile loss and visible wear. The damaged fibers are vacuumed up as balls of fiber “lint” and carried out of the home; one bag or canister at a time.

Specialty Fiber Requires Specialty Care

Specialty fiber such as wool carpet or olefin carpet requires special cleaning techniques.

Wool is a natural organic fiber; precautions must be taken when cleaning wool carpet. Many factors come into play such as temperature, amount of water, and ph. Excess water and temperatures over 165º can cause shrinkage. Ph levels over 8.0 (slightly alkaline) can cause a browning effect on wool carpet; very difficult to remove or correct.

Oriental carpet or area rugs have even greater demands for proper cleaning. Oriental rugs have been around for centuries; older ones can be worth $30,000 to over $100,000! Oriental carpet several hundred years old are made using natural dyes, which are prone to run and bleed when moistened. Only carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning services with professional carpet cleaning certification and experience in oriental carpet care should be enlisted for the cleaning task.

The Ever Popular Olefin and Olefin Blend Carpets

Olefin is a synthetic fiber widely used because it is very economical to manufacture. Olefin first made its debut under the brand name “Herculon;” it has some peculiar properties. While all synthetic fiber types, including olefin, are petroleum based, olefin is unique. Oil and oil-based stains “adhere” to olefin and are difficult to remove.

Olefin is also prone to wicking; re-appearing stains caused when liquids are spilled and soak deep into the carpet, pad, or under the pad. When the carpet is cleaned, the stain “disappears,” but then gradually re-appears as the carpet dries. This is caused by deeply imbedded residue wicking up from under the carpet.

Berber Carpet; Durable and Affordable

Berber carpet is a popular carpet choice because it is durable and affordable. It employs a “looped” construction rather than cut pile. Berber tends to capture soil residue within its loops. It is also prone to these same type re-appearing stains as olefin; a factor further compounded when the carpet is olefin Berber.

When it comes to Berber carpet cleaning; wool carpet, oriental carpet, or olefin carpet cleaning, professional carpet cleaning services are your best bet. Professional carpet cleaners are experts on how to care for berber carpet and these other fibers with unique needs.

By incorporating a carpet care maintenance program of regular professional carpet cleaning, homeowners can drastically extend the life of their carpets; as well as greatly improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in the home.

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