Updating your Bathroom Lighting

One of the most often overlooked potential renovation areas in a bathroom is the bathroom vanity light. Vanity lighting is more important than you might think, not only making it easier to prepare for the day but to also make the character of your bathroom's features stand out.

Vanity lights commonly include at least one light and often more than one light situated above the mirror. In some cases, there might be sconces or lights situated on either side of the medicine cabinet or mirror. Other bathrooms may feature a row of recessed lights above the vanity. Check your existing lighting to be sure it is illuminated evenly and there are no shadows that would interfere with shaving, applying makeup or any other grooming activities.

When updating the lighting in your bathroom, keep in mind that it can be a good idea to layer the lighting. Most bathrooms heavily rely on overhead fixtures to make grooming much easier and more enjoyable. Placing accent lighting can also be a good idea.

The bathroom should feature both task lighting and ambient lighting. Ambient lighting makes it possible for you to easily move around the bathroom and can be controlled by dimmers to allow you to adjust the intensity of the light. Task lighting produces a direct light beam over a particular area where specific tasks may be performed. This type of lighting is not intended to actually light the entire bathroom. Task lighting is usually only used when it is needed.

You might also consider adding accent lighting. This type of lighting is wonderful for creating atmosphere and visual drama in the bathroom. You might consider the use of track lighting in order to spotlight certain details or decorative objects.

Decorative lighting is usually a type of lighting fixture that is used for drawing attention to the light itself as well as for creating a particular effect. Examples of decorative lighting include candles, chandeliers and pendant light fixtures.

Today there are many choices for styles and varieties of bathroom vanity lights. Remember to take into consideration the size of the bathroom when making your lighting selections so that the room is not too dark or too bright.

When selecting lighting for your bathroom always make sure you select bulbs for the vanity lights that will provide light that is in the same spectrum s daylight. Light bulbs that are primarily white or yellow will not allow you to see how you will look outside the bathroom; something that can make the application of makeup more difficult.

The lighting in your bathroom should not only provide you with ample illumination for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup but it should also be warm and cozy when you prefer to set a different mood as well.

Changing out the vanity lighting in your bathroom is a great way to give it a fresh new look while also making sure you have ample illumination to prepare for the day ahead.

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