Trendy and Classic Bathroom Ideas For Your Renovation Project

Bathroom renovations add incredible value for the money, transforming cramped and dark spaces into an inviting and functional area. But how do you know which fixtures deliver what you need? And where can you find bathroom ideas that will suit your tastes and lifestyle? Consider the options available and take some time to design the ideal bathroom space.

Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Traditional style features detailed fixtures and cabinetry that looks more like furniture than storage space. Think about the luxurious baths of last century and echo that style in your newly remodeled space.

A traditional bathroom renovation project includes:

  • detailed cabinetry in natural wood, although white paint is often used in small bathrooms
  • classic fixtures in nickel, brass or other traditional finish
  • tiling with natural tones and earthy colors
  • traditional styled fixtures, possibly a bidet and closed vanities with long countertops
  • wallpaper or textured wall finishes
  • heavy trim stained in natural wood tones or light solids

Clawfoot bathtubs become the focal point and can be dressed up with metal feet and nickel faucets. The showerhead is often formed with a certain style and displays a matte metal or shiny chrome finish. Steer away from any exposed plastic tubing and opt for fixtures that display a true old world look with all of the efficiencies of modern design.

Cabinets and storage should resemble genuine wood, and dark stains are best. If the bathroom is small consider wood cabinet painted white or cream. Molding adds depth and character typically found in traditional dècor, and detailed hardware made from bronze or nickel is a must.

Install tiling on the floor and carry that same tile right through to the shower and tub surround. Colors are better in a traditional bathroom, with natural stone making a mark in the renovations of today. Trim should have a thick profile and wider styles provide the best match.

Lighting options in the traditional bathroom lean toward ornate and are often considered pieces of art as well as functional lights. Chandeliers can work in a bathroom when placed correctly and lovely wall sconces installed in a niche provide romance and style.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

It's difficult to design a modern bathroom that won't appear out of style in a few years. But by including certain design features and focusing on the atmosphere, as opposed to the specific pieces, you should be able to create a space that feels distinctly modern.

A modern bathroom renovation project includes:

  • open spaces free from clutter
  • smooth faced cabinets with simple hardware, often hidden
  • monochromatic walls and flooring with color accents in the tiles, toiletries and dècor items
  • linear designs in the windows, mirrors, fixtures and storage space
  • natural light wherever possible, skylights are a common addition for small powder rooms

Open space and clutter-free surfaces are the order of the day when designing contemporary bathrooms. Vessel sinks in bold colors and unique materials (glass instead of classic porcelain, for instance) create a focal point and sparse vanities with open shelves surround the sink.

Accent colors play a major role with the walls, flooring and tiles of most contemporary bathrooms painted in a neutral color such as white or taupe. Tiling in glass or ceramic is carried across the floor and often up the walls to provide a clean surface that shines and reflects the illusion of space.

Keep the linear design flowing through the window frames, mirrors and plumbing fixtures. Rectangular toilets, sinks and showers fit nicely into contemporary bathrooms.

Think about glass showers that provide the necessary features without detracting from that open feeling. High ceilings work well, but nearly any space can be transformed into a modern bathroom when you remove the clutter, add as much natural light as possible and choose sleek, linear designs.

Lighting in modern renovations is often made from metal and clear or slightly colored glass. Recessed fixtures work to keep surfaces smooth and provide spot lighting, while strip lighting and clunky modern wall mounts add visual interest and brightness.

Transitional Bathroom Ideas

If your tastes land somewhere in the middle between traditional and modern, transitional styling may be the perfect choice. This merging of styles takes the good from both ends of the spectrum and combines them in an eclectic mixture that will express your personality.

A transitional bathroom renovation project includes:

  • a selection of modern elements, such as colors, textures and scale
  • side by side with a selection of traditional elements, such as cabinetry, fixtures and lighting
  • any and all combinations work with this style that mashes both together in an attractive and unique way

Use a repetitive color scheme and smooth surfaces to create a modern atmosphere. Then fill that space with ornate wood cabinets in a dark stain and a gorgeous clawfoot tub as the room's centerpiece. How the mixture plays out is really up to you.

Consider what you like about both traditional and modern rooms, including the shapes, textures and scale that attracts you in both cases. Then borrow those themes for your transitional space. It may take some work to figure out how the different elements will come together, but with the right flexibility and a little experimentation you can remodel that boring ensuite into an exciting and alluring transitional bathroom.

Bathrooms are practical and must be designed for function, but that doesn't mean you need to ignore form. With the right focus and some consideration of your preferred style, a bathroom renovation could transform this space into something beautiful, comfortable and highly practical. Take stock of the bathroom ideas, flooring, cabinetry and fixtures available. Then have fun designing and remodeling the bathroom of your dreams.

Posted by: diana
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