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Save Money on Bathroom Renovations by Hiring the Right Contractor

Jan 4 2011 - Posted by
Save Money on Bathroom Renovations by Hiring the Right Contractor

Bathroom renovations can be tricky. With plumbing and electrical tasks, along with flooring and fixtures that can be fussy and complicated, you're wise to hire a contractor to complete this project. But there are ways to ensure your professionally completed bathroom project doesn't go over budget. With a few common sense steps and the right contractor you can save money and enjoy a successful renovation.

Find a Contractor You Can Talk To

Renovations to your home are very personal. This is especially true in a bathroom reno. Be sure that the contractor you hire is willing and able to listen to your specific needs, as well as deliver competent advice and solutions. What you want is a contractor you can comfortably talk to and one you are confident can create the bathroom you need.

A good working relationship will eliminate many of the hassles and problems that come up during renovations. That will end up saving you money. There will still be bumps in the road and issues to iron out, but with excellent communication you can resolve things quickly and smoothly, which will in turn keep costs under control.

Also, make sure that the contractor you hire has the proper licenses and insurance to complete the work. This will protect you in the case of an accident and help avoid any added costs should trouble arise.

Design For Your Lifestyle

Your bathroom renovation should be designed with your family's lifestyle in mind. Yes, resale value is important and your contractor should be able to advise you about the basic necessities to include, but this bathroom will be used by your family. Be sure it includes the features you need. Designing this way adds value to the project.

Don't be talked into features and fixtures that you don't need or want. If a soaker whirlpool tub will sit empty and unused, leave it out. Use that space to include a double vanity and keep the difference in cost in your pocket. Use the funds budgeted for this project wisely and you will be much happier with the final result.

When your contractor quotes on the project, give them a rough budget number to work with. Pay attention to whether they meet or exceed this number with their initial bid. A quote that is far above your budget usually means the contractor either wasn't paying attention or isn't taking your needs seriously. If the number is close or below you may have yourself a winning bid.

Reuse and Recycle What You Can

Another easy way to save money is by reusing or salvaging what you can from the existing bathroom. Have the contractor take a close look at your fixtures, flooring and finishes. If the vanity can be refaced or the toilet reused you can trim those costs off of the final bill. Let your contractor make recommendations and keep your expectations realistic. There was a reason to renovate in the first place, but some things may be worth saving.

Save money on bathroom renovations and get a professional finish with the right contractor. Find one you can communicate with well and have them help you design the room to suit your lifestyle. Reusing some of the existing features of your bathroom may also be possible. Trust the right contractor to guide you through this process and your renovation will add value and comfort to your home.

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