How to design your bathroom

Remodeling the design of your bathroom is a great opportunity to upgrade the lifestyle offered by your home. A deluxe shower head can add a great start or end to your day. There is a seemingly endless supply of choices of wallpapers which can add elegance or simple fashion statements to your house.

The first thing you must do is decide on your priorities. The bill for remodeling a bathroom can add up very quickly. Are you going to do a major upgrade of the facilities, or focus more on the decoration scheme. For a major redesign of a bathroom, you should consult an interior designer or a bath and kitchen store.

Step 1 - Questions to Ask Yourself

First think about how you use the bathroom. Are you in there a lot? Do you have a partner or other family you share the bathroom with? If it is a bathroom for a couple's use, you may want to consider turning a single sink into a double sink area if there is enough room. Do you have room to expand the bathroom area? Do you want to make the bathroom fixtures more modern or more retro? What kind of mood do you want to set in the bathroom? If guests frequent this bathroom, what kind of statement do you want to make about yourself with this bathroom?

Step 2 - Getting Ideas

Architectural Digest is a great place to start to get ideas. The homes trend toward the high end, but you can get some ideas and maybe use at least some of the elements in the magazine layouts. You can also check out other home magazines. There are many specialty magazines, such as country home magazines or suburban living magazines.

Step 3 - Getting out the Measuring Tape

Measure out all the dimensions of the bathroom. The bath area. The floor area. When measuring for wallpaper, make sure you count each wall as a whole wall, even if there is a tub or a window. That is because the wallpaper hanger will have to match up the patterns of each sheet. For some reason, stores are conservative when ordering wallpaper rolls, so add two or three rolls to the order. There is bound to be wallpaper hanging mistakes or later repairs.

Step 4 - Visit the Home or Bath and Kitchen Store

Once you decided on your priorities and your basic bathroom scheme, then the next step is to visit a home store or bath and kitchen store. Many of these stores have designers to assist you. Find out what bathroom fixtures are available to fit in with your plan, wallpapers, vanities, sinks, counters, cabinets, etc. You should already know what your total budget is.

Step 5 - Think in Phases

Whether you are designing for a new bathroom or re-designing an old bathroom, you can think in phases. For a new bathroom, the wallpaper can be done later. If the project is going over-budget you can go with a less expensive easier-to-install flooring like vinyl tiling instead of ceramic.

Remember that a major bathroom re-design can be very expensive and inconvenient. You may want to consider one or a few major touches to begin with. This will also give you a chance to live with your changes as you move along. Wallpaper can make a big difference, and won't require the closing down of your whole bathroom while it is being worked on. It should only take one to three days to complete. An upgraded shower head can make huge difference on your bathroom experience.

You don't even have to replace the whole sink to make a difference in the sink area. A new faucet can do the trick and/or a new more stylish medicine cabinet.

Vinyl tiling is the easiest and quickest type of flooring to install. Make sure the floor is properly sealed before installing any type of flooring.

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