Guest Bathroom Renovation - From Start to Finish

While most of your home renovations might go into a master suite, don't neglect your guest bathroom. Not every bedroom in your house needs a private bathroom, but having a smaller, less expensive bathroom away from the master suite (but still near the bedrooms) will be well appreciated by anyone visiting you at home. Bathrooms, even more so than bedrooms, can help a guest feel at home. Use these top bathroom renovation ideas and tips to build a new guest bath from start to finish:

The Location

  • If you have a third full bathroom in your house, you can make your guest bathroom a part of an entire guest suite. In most houses, though, you should simply place your guest bathroom in location convenient to the entire house. If you currently do not have a guest bathroom, consider removing a closet and taking a bit of room from one of the larger secondary bedrooms in your house.
  • When adding a guest bath on a second or third floor, think about where your plumbing is on lower floors. It is easier and less expensive to just link into that system than to add even more plumbing from another area in the house.
  • Make sure that the bathroom is easy to find in the dark from the guest bedroom for friends of family members who have to use it in the middle of the night. Don't make your guests go up or down stairs, walk to the other side of the house, or walk through pitch black areas.

The Bathtub or Shower

  • You don't have to have a pricey Jacuzzi tub and separate shower stall; simply chose a streamline, classic wall unit. It can still look beautiful, even it you don't spend thousands of dollars. Wall units allow guest to choose whether they want a shower or a bath. In addition, they're easy to use and even easier for you to clean later. Installation is super easy - many companies actually do it in just a single day.
  • Pick a light-colored tile - but not white - for the shower. While white tiles are easy to bleach and clean, they also look cold and sterile, which is not the impression you want to give to guests to help them feel comfortable. Instead, pick off-white, gray, brown, or other calming neutral colors. Stay away from dark tile, however, since that can make it hard for guests to see.

The Sink and Counter

  • Pedestal sinks are pretty, but make sure that your guests have at least a foot or two of counter space. Anyone who stays longer than a night will want to have a place to set toiletries. Beyond that, a bit of counter space will give you a place to set a basket with hand towels, extra soaps, and other things your guests might need. Include plenty for outlets around the counter so that your guests can plug in curling irons, electric razors, and other tools they need.
  • Choose a new sink in a material and color that doesn't stain easily. Sinks are quick to rust and get hard water stains, since they are constantly wet from people washing their hands (at least showers get a break during the day!). There are many stainless steal or dark enamel options, though, that look great with any color scheme.
  • Design the towel racks to rest against a tiled wall. Bars or hooks for both bath towels and hand towels sometimes rest against paint or wallpaper. Remember, these towels will be constantly damp, allowing mold to grow and paint to peel. Save yourself the trouble and deal with tile instead.

The Toilet

  • Install a shelf above the toilet for extra toilet paper. Everything in your guest bathroom that a visitor could need should be out in the open. Guests could feel uncomfortable opening cabinets and closets looking for extras, and if nothing else, toilet paper should be within reach. Shelves are really inexpensive and easy to install. You can even find versions specifically made to fit over the toilet and rest on the floor - no hammers and nails required!
  • Choose your toilet carefully. It should be heavy-duty, easy to clean, big enough to accommodate larger guests, and slightly higher to help older guests. Function is most important in this case. Don't be afraid to ask sales reps tons of questions so you find a great toilet for your guest room.

Guest bathrooms are often overlooked - and that's a shame, because having a beautifully remodeled guest bathroom can make your friend's stay ten times more comfortable. Bathrooms are really personal, and if your guests don't feel at ease in the guest bath in your house, they'll have an uneasy stay in general. When you're considering home renovations, make sure that the guest bath is near the top of the list. You don't have to spend ten thousand dollars for guest bathroom makeover, but spending a little money in this section of your house makes all the difference.

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