Do Bathtub Surrounds Make for Fast Bathroom Remodels

Tired and dated bathrooms can only be ignored for so long. Eventually you will get to the point where the sight of that mustard-colored toilet or scratched up bathtub drives you crazy. You know that it's time for a bathtub remodel, but the budget may be tight and time is even tighter. Family homes with a single bathroom cannot have their lives disrupted by a full scale, expensive bathroom renovation. But do the popular bathtub surrounds really make for a valuable remodel?

What Are Bathroom Surrounds?

Let's look at the details and specifications of these products first. Most of the leading lines in this market are acrylic bathtub surrounds that fit over your existing tiles. That means there is no need to pay for the removal of your existing tub and no need to wait for that project to be done.

Good for speed and good for the budget.

The systems are sealed tight against the presence of moisture, meaning that no mold or mildew will grow behind the surround and provide a health hazard. Acrylic is also a very durable product that is easily cleaned and installed. The color is found all the way through these products, meaning that minor scratches will not show. Major grooves and scratches can be repaired or buffed out.

How Are These Surrounds Installed?

Most professional bathroom remodeling companies that offer bathtub surrounds claim the product can be installed in only a few hours. That is assuming the condition of the existing bathtub and tile is top notch. If there is any damage to the wall or structural issues within the tub itself, those will need to be looked after before the surround is installed.

However, the estimate of only a few hours is accurate for a vast majority of homes. If you are opting for a tub-to-shower surround the conversion time may be a little longer, but the overall finish is astounding. These products take your average dated tub and quite literally transform it into a stand up shower complete with a sturdy floor and beautiful glass doors. This project requires removal of the tub, which will add to the schedule and the final cost.

Shower surrounds are just as easy as bathtub models and will be installed directly over the existing tile shower. Trim and sealing will help to create a seamless finish that provides the look of a completely renovated bathroom in next to no time. Doors can be installed for a more modern look and entire surround packages can bring the whole bathroom up to date.

Can They Be Customized?

Bathtub surrounds often come with a variety of options including soap dishes, decorative borders and even seating to make your shower or tub personalized and comfortable. Discuss the added costs with your contractor, but most of these additions - with the exception of seating which may require additional support - will not add any time to the installation.

If you're looking for a quick and affordable bathroom remodel a bathtub surround may be the perfect solution. They offer a durable, easily maintained finish that looks fantastic for years. Installation is fast and simple with very little, if any, removal needed. Ask your bathroom renovation professional about this attractive product that can deliver big results fast.

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