DIY Bathroom Design-Ideas and Tips for a Quick and Affordable New Bathroom-Large or Small

Want to create the perfect bathroom design for your home? A totally new bathroom, easily and affordably, without breaking the household budget? This fast-paced, imaginative article shows you how!

Trends in Bathroom Design

Why is bathroom remodeling one of the most popular home renovation DIY projects? Because it is one of the most visited, most used rooms in the home.

Emphasis on new bathroom design for the perfect bathroom has always been strong. Now more than ever, homeowners strive to work designer-appeal elements into their bathroom remodeling plans. User-friendly bathrooms attractively accessorized; with a neat, clean look and practical design. Regardless of style.

Today's perfect bathroom emphasizes:

  • Practical, appealing, and safe bathroom design.
  • Adequate leg room; adequate space between fixtures. Note: allow a minimum of 24-inches (61 cm) legroom around toilets and bidets, and 28-inches (71 cm) in front of the wash basin or vanity, with at least 6-inches (15 cm) elbow room on either side.
  • Adequate bathroom lighting.
  • Adequate bathroom storage.
  • A comfortable climate.
  • Tranquil ambiance.
  • Practical, tasteful bathroom accessories and other features.
  • Bathroom Remodel Ideas

    When designing a new bathroom you have several options: 1.) Emphasize the color scheme; use coordinating bathroom accessories. 2.) Create a completely new bathroom design, such as traditional or contemporary. 3.) Select a theme. Try a country cottage look, or what about Old World Mediterranean. Using warm colors, copper fixtures, and elegant tapestry on rustic-finish walls.

    One contemporary design utilizes rich creamy color throughout; for a clean, classic look. With low-voltage halogen bathroom lighting for pure white light, to compliment the linen-crisp atmosphere. And creamy spherical bathroom accessories, or other simple shapes, for added interest.

    Carefully select a large focal print or painting that emphasizes the same rich cream theme. One that will complete the room's atmosphere - NOT compete against it.

    Tip: if you can't find the perfect picture, visit a local art school. A student may be willing to create a one-of-a-kind “masterpiece” for a relatively low price.

    Another idea is to use two opposite-spectrum colors to bring stability and balance to your bathroom design; dramatically altering its appearance. For instance, a cool color like aquamarine harmonized with a warm (try yellow or orange) can create a sense of open space and outdoor freshness.

    Warm golden wood flooring and a hand-woven cotton mat provides a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Or try lush aquamarine carpet for a more formal look.

    Small Bathroom Remodeling

    If your bathroom is small and funds allow, freestanding bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories not only add elegance and visual appeal. They are also great space-savers.

    Modern wash basins usually have minimal pipe work integrated right into the design. Traditional shaving mirrors on concertina wall brackets add another nice touch. Practical and convenient, they adjust to various positions; then fold back against the wall - saving more space.

    Other ideas for small bathroom diy projects:

  • Vertically striped wall covering adds height to a room. Light wall colors make a small room appear larger and more open.
  • Corner toilets, vanities, and bathroom storage units not only save space, but make use of otherwise wasted corner areas.
  • A bathroom design with a sloping ceiling offers the perfect space for a shower unit or bathroom storage. Utilize professional handyman services for custom-built shelves with designer flair. Same color towels and other bathroom accessories lend an uncluttered, clean look. Or use different colored accessories for depth and contrast.
  • One creative solution for a bathroom with the eaves of the house in its design is the unique use of bathroom lighting, recessed or otherwise, and bathroom storage below. Or, for natural light, install a window or skylight in the eave roof; the outside view will create a sense of more space.
  • For a more perfect bathroom, add boxing around the bath, toilet tank, or exposed plumbing. Try painted tongue-in-groove; or tile, for a more upscale design. The addition of recessed shelving or compact cupboards adds extra bathroom storage. Allowing you to clear visible surface areas for a neat, uncluttered look.
  • Add a space-saving hydro shower into the new bathroom plan, for an ultra-energizing vertical bathing experience. With invigorating water massage jets on both sides. And a nebulizer gooseneck showerhead; for forceful, stimulating water flow, or relaxing vaporized one. Available as a stand alone unit, or incorporated into a bathtub design.
  • Plexiglass, treated wood, or galvanized metal folding tables provide extra surface space in a small bathroom remodeling design; for cosmetics, clothing, and other items at bath time. Then folded and stored conveniently out of the way, when not in use.
  • Use these ideas in your own bathroom design, or as inspiration for new ones. With elements in keeping with the rest of the house, or that provide an atmosphere unique to your new bathroom. Whether a quick, easy re-make, or total bathroom remodeling makeover…happy decorating!

    Posted by: Lori
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