Bathroom Remodeling - a Fresh, New Look for Your Home

Whether you live in California, New York, Florida or Colorado, a bathroom remodeling is something that can give your home a fresh, new look. Either as a stand alone project, or as part of a larger home remodeling. Everything from simple aesthetic changes to a complete structural overhaul.

Many homeowners opt to refresh the dècor of their bathroom with new flooring; especially ceramic tile. There are nearly endless types and styles to choose from. Select from the inventory of a flooring retailer in your area. Ceramic tile is the obvious upgrade from bathroom carpeting for the reason of exposure to water and ease of upkeep.

Save on Costs by Completing Some of the Work Yourself

Some homeowners opt to do all or parts of the bathroom remodeling work themselves. When it comes to laying ceramic tile, however, it may be wise to enlist the services of a professional tile installer.

Once you have selected a contractor, discuss various aspects of the project with him; ask what work, if any, you can complete to help keep costs down.

Many bathrooms have carpeting or sheet goods (such as vinyl) that will need to be removed. This is often something homeowners can complete themselves.

Hire a Professional for the Technical Stuff

After the old flooring has been removed, preparations should be made to install the new. If the subfloor is rough or uneven, an underlayment will most likely need to be installed. If you are installing ceramic tile, the best underlayment is either concrete board such as Duroc, or concrete-impregnated masonite, also known as Hardy Backer.

Some tile manufacturers suggest gluing the tile down to the plywood underlayment. However, check with a professional installer first. Some professional installers recommend using a concrete product for the underlayment, so that thin-set mortar can be used to attach the tile. That way, maximum adhesion is accomplished.

A total thickness of 1 ¼ “to 1 ½ “is recommended for subfloor layers. This will provide stability and a deck that will not move or flex, causing tile or grout to crack and come loose.

Once tile is installed and cured, grout is applied to fill in between the tiles. Multiple applications of a high-quality grout sealer is advised for extended trouble-free durability.

The first seal is applied once grout is cured; additional coats are applied at 6 to 12 month intervals for a total of 2 to 3 coats. Make sure tile and grout is thoroughly cleaned before each application.

Properly installing ceramic tile for your bathroom remodeling project requires a certain level of technical skill. That is why you may want to enlist the services of a professional stone or tile mason.

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