Bathroom Design - Tips for a Full Remodel or Quick Makeover

For most homeowners, bathroom design is very important. This is because the bathroom is one of the most highly used areas of the home. Whether desiring a fresh new look or sprucing up the home in preparation to sell, bathroom renovation is usually a key focal point.

An extensive bathroom remodel design (including new fixtures, walls, bathroom tile, a bathroom shower or walk in bath tub) can cost thousands of dollars. A price out of reach for many homeowners.

For as little as $50 - $100, however, most bathrooms can get a whole new look and feel with a few inexpensive alterations. In this article, key aspects of both simple do it yourself bathroom makeovers and extensive bathroom renovation design will be explored.

Tips for a Budget-wise Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodel

For many homeowners, the term bathroom renovation conjures up visions of huge expenditures and construction efforts. Such projects don't have to be that complicated, however. A splash of tastefully coordinated new colors, for instance, can accomplish fresh, new visual appeal for under $100.

Consider the following ideas for low-cost do it yourself bathroom renovations:

  • Install a new shower curtain - mold and mildew resistant vinyl shower curtains are available in countless styles; with infinite color schemes and patterns. Whether a vinyl or fabric shower curtain, a dramatic visual change can be achieved for under $50.

    Dramatic results can many times be realized by adding a few new accessories into the bathroom design. For instance, a decorative shower curtain rod and designer shower curtain with color-coordinated towels combined with strategically placed steam-loving houseplants; to make your bathroom feel like a lush indoor garden. And all for under $100!

  • Color is all-important - different colors evoke certain emotions and moods. Establish what type environment you want to achieve in your bathroom renovation. Bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow evoke excitement and energy; cool colors such as blues and earth tones create a calming, soothing atmosphere.

    Fresh paint can help bring the bathroom interior design together, without significantly adding to the cost. For an additional $50 - $100, carefully selected colors can be used to establish a base for your bathroom design idea. Try neutral colors such as beige or earth tones in slightly varied hues. For dramatic results, add coordinated accessories to splash vibrant color throughout the room; bringing it to life.

  • Small bathroom design - removing clutter to open up the room and make it appear larger is important for small bathrooms. Save additional space by using areas outside the bathroom to keep towels and other bathroom supplies. Or else storage shelves or wall cabinets inside the bathroom; saving floor space.

    Replacing a vanity sink with a pedestal sink will free up space; mirrors on opposing walls will give the illusion of a much larger room.

  • Bathtub refinishing can renew the surface and/or change the color of your tub - giving the illusion of a new fixture. Refinishing can be done professionally at a fraction of the cost of installing a new tub fixture, dramatically enhancing a new bathroom color scheme.

Large Scale Bathroom Renovation and Bathroom Tile Design

When undertaking a large scale bathroom renovation, nothing brings things to life like ceramic bathroom tile or exotic stone bathroom tile.

Using a creative design for the bathroom tile pattern can render striking results. Consider a contrasting color for borders or a tile mural; creating a breathtaking bathroom wall tile or bathroom floor tile design.

Since laying tile in a bathroom can incur considerable costs, it just makes sense to do the job properly; insuring 50-years or more of trouble free use. Whether laying bathroom tile as a do it yourself remodel or hiring a professional, consider the following tips for success:

  • While even professional tile installers debate the best way to lay ceramic bathroom tile, avoid the use of mastic adhesive. Although mastic is recommended by countless resources, professionals generally agree it is the wrong installation method. This is especially true for sensitive high moisture areas such as shower stalls and tub surrounds.

    When exposed to high moisture, mastic - even when properly used - can start to fail after only 6-years. Thin set mortar, when properly applied, can last 50-years or more without failing.

    According to the professionals, although thin set mortar is slightly more difficult and time consuming, it is well worth the effort. Use concrete board underlayment with plastic sheeting behind it as a moisture barrier to keep framing members from rotting. Apply tiles to the concrete board using thin set mortar.

  • Concrete board tends to draw moisture from the mortar. This is especially true when it is mixed according to package instructions. Many professionals add extra water to the mortar while mixing. They also soak porous tile in water before installation. These measures allow more time to properly align tiles before the mortar sets. It also provides a better bond once the mortar is set.

  • Use batten board to keep runs of tile straight. One of the most common mistakes made by DIY homeowners when laying tile is to omit batten use. Batten bards are temporarily attached to the wall or floor for use as a guide to keep tiles straight and square. A spacer should also be used to keep grout lines uniform. Small soft plastic spacers for this purpose are available at nearly any building supply or home improvement center.
  • Once the mortar has set and cured, fill spaces or “grout lines” between tiles with bathroom tile grout. It is best to work quickly, on one small area at a time. Use a small dowel to firmly push grout into the lines; wipe off excess.

One of the most important aspects of correctly applying grout to properly sealing it once it has cured. Use only a high quality grout sealer; apply one application immediately after curing. For best results, additional applications should be made approximately every 6 months for a total of 3 or more coats. Grout will last many years when sealed in this manner.

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