Three Easy Ways to Save Money on a Basement Renovations Contractor

Is your house feeling a little cramped? Would your family breathe better with more space to stretch out? There is an area of your home that could easily deliver exactly what you need. With a little planning, some design and the help of a good contractor you can have brand new living space down in the basement. And the best part about this project is the affordability. Check out these three simple ways to save money on a basement renovations contractor and give your family the space they deserve.

1 - Build on the Existing Foundation

Often your basement will have at least the minimal amount of finishing done. Whether that is vapor barrier and studs or wood paneling stapled up, there should be something you can use as a base to build on. Even if an amateur did the existing finish, it may eliminate the need for certain basic steps.

Have the basement renovations contractor inspect the condition and quality of what has been installed. You may have some decisions about what should be kept and what should simply be ripped out. It's possible those studs behind the wood paneling are in good condition. Or an old ceiling structure can be saved with new tiles. Be prepared to salvage what makes sense and scrap the rest. These decisions can save you a lot on both materials and labor.

2 - Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

When designing the new space, you'll need to think about the lifestyle of your family first. Don't waste money on elements and features that will not be appreciated. And give yourself the freedom to invest in the ones that will be.

Remember that the basement is most often used for casual living. Leaving out the purely aesthetic elements that are often included on your main floor can also save you a bundle. Try to design in such a way that reflects the light and presents a brightness that is comfortable and inviting. People hesitate with the idea of hiring a basement renovations contractor to finish the area downstairs because they're worried about it being too dark and dingy. With light colors, the right lighting and open space your basement will be just as inviting as the main floor.

3 - Use Your Existing Structure

Because your basement is only being finished and not constructed, there are certain short cuts you can make in the design. Frame the walls with 2x3s (instead of 2x4s) for studs, relying on the stability and structure of the existing home to handle any issues. You'll have the walls you need for a lower cost.

This is where having a contractor will really help and can save you big dollars. They know what needs to be put in to meet building code and they will recognize the areas where you can skimp and still end up with a quality finish. Bathroom location and flooring choices can all be affected in this way. Lean on their experience and the strength that the existing structure offers.

Try these three easy ways to save money on a basement renovations contractor and still end up with more space. By working with the materials and finishings that are currently there and designing to suit your family's needs, you can save money on materials and invest only in the elements that are important to you. Allowing a contractor to show you where you can shave costs thanks to the structure of the existing house is another way to save money. In any case your family will have more space and be happier in a comfortable, roomy home.

Posted by: diana
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