7 Basement Remodeling Ideas

Once you've decided that you want to “build down” and remodel your basement, you have to decide how to lay out your space. This begins with finalizing your ideas and committing them to graph paper. Visualizing is wonderful, if you can do it, but even the best minds rely on a picture to make sure everything fits. And once you've decided what you want downstairs the next step is to take your paper rendering to contractors to get quotes.

Trends For Basement Remodels

Multimedia Room

The new home entertainment centers are not like the big screen, projection televisions of even ten years ago. Walking into one of these rooms you felt dwarfed by the screen and speakers and a bit afraid of the miles of conduit and loose wiring on the behind the system. But it was worth it to watch Tom Cruise fly his F-14 through the room and feel the floor rumble, just like you did at the theater.

Today, the LCD and liquid crystal technology has transformed this space into a “multi-media room.” Unlike you home entertainment room the technology has replaced a lot of the heavy cords with items like s-video plugs and computer switching in the audio-visual system. In addition, you're going to need a lot more room as the new generation of interactive games has you and your friends playing golf with real golf swings. And the best thing about having this room in the basement is that the sound stays more localized in a basement room. As well, you can sound-insulate the ceiling for better isolation. This will make non-gamers and members of the family who just want read much happier.

Games Room

The games room idea, with ping pong or pool and other more traditional recreations, is also quieter in the basement. This is a great way to localize the kids and their friends and keep them from trekking all over your nice upstairs carpet. In addition, many parents want to get their kids away from the television and video games and look toward a place where kids can run around and have fun. There are even thick, interlocking-foam tiles that can make up the floor and soften the blow on the feet.

Home Office

These areas are important in today's online world because it gets the worker into a quiet room that is off the main floor. If the house has a basement entrance then you can have a whole area to conduct business including a reception area. Many professionals like chiropractors, engineers and hairdressers have basement businesses. The key here is to have a professional-looking entrance and, if possible make the window ports bigger or have very good lighting in the space. Another item to think about is if the zoning will let your type of business in the area.

Gym and Spa

In no other are can you design a complete gym from the ground up and have all the amenities - water, electricity and heat - in one area. Many people these days are either too busy to go to the gym or the nearest sports facility is miles out of the way. Therefore the home gym, complete with spa, is a logical opportunity. With a new machines and treadmills, along with traditional free weights, you can have a professional-style gym. However, if you want to have an indoor spa then you had better check with a ventilation firm. Moisture from an open bubbling water source can overload traditional ventilation system causing mold and mildew in areas where, you can smell it, but have to take a wall out to get at it.


In the 1970's the rumpus room lined with wallboard and sporting bowling trophies was the rage because you could go downstairs on a hot night and watch your favorite television shows in a cool place. Although it is 30 years later and the wallboard has long since been ripped down don'r count the basement den out yet. There is still a place for a nondescript, family room where you encompass the beat of all the scenarios: pool table, television, home office, gym. The only question you have to ask yourself is, “What do I want to do down here?”

Mother-In-law Suite

The dank old apartment in the basement is a thing of the past. Even if the basement is below the main sewer line new advances in plumbing make it easy and inexpensive to set up a full-functioning bathroom in the basement. That goes for a kitchen, as well. Again, a basement entrance makes this a lot easier. Check the zoning laws in your area to see if you can build a proper apartment. This could mean revenue in a few years after the kids have gone.


One of the biggest uses for a basement is storage and this can continue. With new techniques in storage showing up every day you can have everything from winter clothes to sports gear in a dry, mold-proof environment.

Whatever your choice for this space it is worth investigating.

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